Pope & Trump Team Up to Save Life of Disabled Baby Hospital Refuses to Transfer Charlie Gard to Vatican Hospital Offering to Care for Him

By Steven Ertelt Courtesy of LifeNews.com International Date Line July 5, 2017 Washington DC: A Vatican hospital says it is ready and willing to care for British infant Charlie Gard if the courts allow him to go but British officials … Continue reading

New Report Puts Damper on Claims China Will Become Top Climate Warrior

Nearly 15,000 companies tested in 28 cities across China are failing basic environmental standards, according to the communist country’s state-run media. China’s Xinhua news agency found that 13,785 companies – or more than 70 percent of those inspected – violated the … Continue reading

Dixon City Council Chooses to Spend $140 Grand on Retaliation, Not Needed Improvements

During a closed meeting of the Dixon City Council last Tuesday, June 27, a majority chose to continue spending tens of thousands of dollars to defend the political retaliation against Dixon’s Independent Voice (IV), rather than seek a fair settlement … Continue reading