2017 Dixon TFT/Christmas Programs Get a Big Head Start

Walmart Again Generous to Local Charity

By Ted Hickman

For the 51st year, through no fault of our own we are heading into starting the Dixon Toys for Tots/Community Christmas Programs… Well someone has to do it don’t they? …
As they have for the past several years, management of the Dixon Walmart store (the biggest community support group in the area) called to tell us they were starting their stock reduction in the toy department and we could get special deals on items they were discontinuing or were they were wanting to reduce inventory So several of the TFT’s board members like Jack Caldwell, (Dixon’s main line to Santa), Linda Hickman and Missy Nichols met with management and Purchased about $10,000  (retail) worth of right now popular toys at 75% to $90% per cent off retail.
This was Caldwell’s first buying trip and he now has a head’s up on what hundreds of Dixon area children will be wanting and getting for Christmas this year. Caldwell was surprised and delighted with the cooperation and help (and prices) Walmart and its staff give to Dixon’s only local, all volunteer, 501-C-3 charity. He now has prior knowledge to what Santa’s elves will have on hand for 500 to 600 children this coming Christmas season.
“It was really Christmas in July,” Caldwell said, “We shopped for four hours and probably filled 20 carts and dollies. The toys are all current and popular with kids, many based on movies like Star Wars, Spiderman, Leggos, and Minions.”
Caldwell noted the Walmart crew helped palletize the toys – 6 pallets – and shrink wrap them so they could be hauled and stored conveniently.”
To get the pallets to storage, Mike Hamilton, as tired as he was from Grillin and Chillin and his son Michael came to the rescue with a flat bed trailer, while Walmart again helped load the trailer with their forklift.

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