City Attorney Attacks, Slanders & Insults Thousands of Dixon Residents Over Sewer Rate Petition

The Dixon City Attorneys in their filings last week against the new Sewer Fee Roll Back initiative attacked the proponents of that initiative and the people who signed them as “A small band of renegade band of Dixon (which) refuses to pay even single cent for an expensive clean-up of the city’s ground water>.
The “small band” includes over 3,000 individuals who have signed one or more of the four signature gathering efforts to prevent the rate increase. The purpose of the citizens’ effort is to de-fund the city’s plan to build a new sewer plant based on obsolete 100 year-old technology, while refusing to seriously research and consider modern methods that are dramatically less expensive to build and operate, and which also actually removes the targeted pollutants, which the city’s preferred system does not do.
The city attorneys also refer to the Dixon taxpayers group as ‘self-proclaimed taxpayers’ advocates.” The Solano County Taxpayers Association was founded over 50 years ago, and has a positive state-wide reputation as a fiscal watch dog.
The City Attorney filed their document on June 24, but as of midnight July 1- a full week later – they had not served those documents on the taxpayers or their attorneys. Instead the City Attorney is attempting to use an under-handed tactic they have used bef0re – filing for an “Ex Parte” emergency hearing on a Monday after a holiday -minimizing the opportunity for the taxpayers from learning about or prepare to challenge the City Attorney’s efforts.
An Ex Parte Hearing only requires 24 hour notice of the other side. The court judge could act without both sides present. The City Attorney is asking the court to summarily ban the Initiative from being put on the ballot.
Just as underhanded are false information and arguments submitted to the court in these pleadings in order to mislead and confuse the court.
The City Attorney is claiming the issue has to do with the City of Dixon’s drinking water supply- including removing carcinogenic pollutants which they claim have been a serious problem for 20 years.
In fact, the issues has NEVER been about the water supply. It is about the waste water processing system and the effluent from the plant.
The city’s ground water wells are over 1,000 feet deep from aquifers several miles “upstream” from the sewer plant. The effluent does not and would not impact the quality of Dixon’s water supply.
The filings came to light in a posting at the Courthouse News Agency website, which friends of the taxpayers’ group and of this newspaper noted and alerted the IV. That posted is printed on Page 4 of this issue.
A thorough analysis and refutation of the city’s arguments is also published there.

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