Dixon High Science Students Walk on Water – 2017

The Dixon High School science classes held their annual “Walk on Water” competition Tuesday. The object is to cross the city’s swimming pool in two minutes or less using a device the students designed and built.
According to their teacher Kim McGreevey, around 80 students participated – 16 groups in all; 2 Honors Physics classes and 1 Physics class.
Of the 16 groups, 13 made it across the pool, which means they earn 100 percent of the performance points available. All 13 are “Sink or Swim Eligible”, which means if they earn an 85% or better on their team portfolio, the final exam becomes OPTIONAL. They earned that status by crossing the finish line in 2 minutes or less.
The assignment is worth 300 points total, which is about 25% of their total lab grade . Points are earned for various progress checks along the way, a scale model and buoyancy calculation done ahead of time, a progress journal and time accounting sheet, a submitted economic report with all expenditures, the device itself as well as its performance, Pre and Post Walk Analysis and blueprints, and a personal evaluation from each team member.
The fastest time of the day was 25 seconds by Remy Leutenegger, a Senior in Honors Physics who is headed for UC Davis. He pedaled his team’s vehicle with yellow accents. They named their vehicle “Run One for the Crum” to honor Tom Crumpacker, their Cross Country coach and beloved teacher who retired early due to his battle with illness. The rest of the team includes Michael Gomez, Tyler Thomson, Timothy Vidmar, and Chris Cardenas.

The most exciting new design of the year was one with a dragon head that actually breathes fire using a student designed mechanism. If you look carefully at the center of the picture below you can see the flames belched by the dragon.  The walker is Brad Immel, Senior in Honors Physics, heading to Stanford.  His team is called “Team Faded Glory.”  The rest of the team consists of Keegan Divine, Jeremy Cristobal, Liam O’Brien, and Tristan Quitugua. Even with fiddling with the mechanism, they made the crossing in just over 1 minute.

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