Fired Police Chief Plans to Reveal His Side at Nov. 19 Hearing

Former Dixon Chief of Police Jon Cox says he is eagerly looking forward to the public hearing scheduled for next Thursday, November 19, about his firing. Cox was abruptly dismissed by City Manager Jim Lindley last month, to the surprise to Cox and the entire community.
Cox said he would describe unethical and unprofessional in the ciy’s actions in this and other matters.
Cox stated he will personally challenge his dismissal at the hearing, although his attorney will also be there and likely will speak. Cox’s attorney is Steve Welte from the law firm of Mastani-Holstedt of Sacramento. The firm specializes in public employee law. Welte has represented hundreds of public safety clients in administrative investigation and disciplinary actions.
Cox stated he is thankful for the support and prayers he has received from the people of Dixon. “That’s what Dixon is all about,” Cox said.
According to public statements of Lindley the issue has been under review for at least the past five months. However, the Chief’s current contract with the City was negotiated and approved just two months ago. Prior to that new contract, the Chief was an “at will” employee of the City – Not of the City Manager. It is not known why the city would negotiate and approve a new contract after three months of a five month investigation.
According to the city’s prior contract with the city’s management employees association, they are “at-will” employees of “the City” and are “subject to termination at the discretion of the City.” The term “the City” customarily refers to the City Council, not the City Manager alone.
Lindley has said the firing was “for cause.” If that assertion holds up , Cox would not receive any severance pay and would lose his retirement and other benefits from his time with the City of Dixon.

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