Our endorsements: Cleek; Coppes; Schaup. Ballot Measures – NO on AA and H Tax Hike Scams

It can be discouraging to review the list of candidates on this year’s primary ballot. Almost all of them are addicts – not for alcohol or drugs, but lusting for Politics, Government and Power over every detail of our lives.
It’s an inside with the powers-that-be lining up to push one of their own kind for public office. We are supposed to be impressed when a candidate is backed by our “local leaders” – you know, the Mayor and Council members who thumb their noses at you when you repeatedly demanded a vote on the Sewer Fee hike and the obsolete technology it is funding and who kind hide their disdain for the members of the public who speak at council meetings.
One candidate for State Senate – and several “independent” committee backing him – has collected millions to foist him on us. Here’s a rule of thumb – any candidate sending you a stack of mail almost every day should LOSE your vote. He’s bought and paid for – and will represent those monied interests, NOT you.
Fortunately, there are a few candidates who really are ordinary citizens who will be the ideal of “Citizen Legislators.”
For State Senate, we have Dixon’s own Greg “Coach” Coppes. He’s a local businessman and an active military veteran. He has put in an immeasurable amount of time and effort for local veterans – including many years as commander of the local American Legion post and the Legion Riders.
Dixonites know Greg – and we know he will honestly represent OUR community’s real interests.
2422 Greg carries flag
Greg “Coach” Coppes seen above carrying “Old Glory” while setting up for the Northbay Standdown has been active for years in veterans’ organizations.

For Assembly we back Charles Schaup – also a veteran and a farmer. He too is a regular citizen – not like the other candidates who are political climbers whose goals in life are to hold government offices.
For Congress, we support Eugene Cleek. He has been a surgeon and a Farmer. His purpose in running is to be a servant to the public, to represent the interest or ordinary citizens.
The incumbent, John Garamendi, has spent decades seeking whatever political office happens to be open. His whole persona is wrapped up in being “admired” by others – while serving the interests of power brokers and crony financial donors.
Vote Cleek, Coppes, and Schaup.

On the tax measures – those on this ballot are prime examples of how “they” never have enough of our money. And how they will unethically use any tactic to trick us into letting them have it.
Measure AA is a Bay Area wide parcel tax – which means YOU will pay as much for your home parcel as Apple will pay for its Silicon Valley complex parcel.
Worse, it funds a new and unelected – and thus unaccountable – level of government – a Regional Government over which Solano citizens will have no influence.
It sets a dangerous precedence that needs to be stopped NOW.
County wide, the politicians are pushing a sales tax increase – Measure H – and ask us to TRUST THEM for how it will be spent. But their tactics on the matter already prove they can NOT be trusted.
At the start, they set it up as a General Tax needing a simple majority to pass. Rather than a Special Tax for a dedicated purpose which would need a 2/3 vote. That was Scam Number 1.
Scam Number 2 is Measure G – a totally impotent measure with no force of law – which they put on the ballot just to lull us into trusting them. It doesn’t matter how you vote on G, it has no force of law.
Scam Number 3 was changing the deadline for filing their argument in favor of H – getting the Registrar of Voters to subvert his own integrity when the H backers missed that deadline.
Scam Number 4: Once an issue is on the ballot, governments – at any level – are not allowed to use public funds for or against. But once again the renegade officials in Solano County are worming their ways around that prohibition. They are spending Taxpayers funds on slick ads to brainwash the public into voting for higher taxes. We now hear they are even running TV ads. If they have the funds to do that, they don’t need more from our wallets.
Measure H?  H____ NO!


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