“Shoulder Surfing” Credit Card Fraud Perpetrator Sought

2327 Shoulder Surfing suspect 11665581_845990862151416_806644657839940299_nA “Shoulder surfer” withdrew $800 from someone else’s account at the Bank of America ATM at 178 North First Street in Dixon. .
Shoulder surfing is a form of credit-card fraud in which the perpetrator stands behind and looks over the shoulder of the victim as he or she uses an ATM.
The account can still be accessed using your PIN for a few seconds after you have completed a transaction.
An easy way to prevent becoming a victim is to wait for the screen on the ATM to go back to the log in screen before leaving.
With this article is a picture of a suspect who was shoulder surfing at the Bank of America on North First. If you can help identify the suspect please call the Dixon Police Department at 678-7080.

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