State Tests Scores Show Dixon Students Not at Grade Level

The California Assessment of Students & Progress (CAASPP) test score results were announced this week, and the scores for Dixon students are abysmal, with a majority students at almost all grade levels failing to meet state standards.
Worst is 4th grade where over 70% of Dixon students do not meet grade level standards in English and math, and over 75% do not meet Math standards. Even by 11th grade – high school juniors – over 60% of Dixon students do not meet English and over 69% do not meet Math standards.
Nick Girimonte, the new DUSD Assistant Superintendent of Educational Services, said “The state, county and district all were essentially stable from last year, but it was still a disappointment. We continue to see a persistent achievement gap.”
“We have reworked our educational coaching model and are focusing on early literacy” especially in grades K-2 and math in Grades 3-6 and professional development in grades K-12 to give the teachers the tools they need.”
While those statistics are for the DUSD district wide, results are also available for each school separately.
The results district wide for Dixon are:
English Language Arts/Literacy
Standard Exceeded: 12.48%
Standard Met: 27.21%
Standard Nearly Met: 26.67%
Standard Not Met: 33.64%
Standard Exceeded: 10.72%
Standard Met: 19.88%
Standard Nearly Met: 31.5%
Standard Not Met: 37.9%
All the results are now available to the public at:

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