Anti-Hickman Activist Uses Non-Profit SPCA Phone to Harass & Intimidate Dixon Businesses

(This front page story was published on July 6 – the week after Ted Hickman’s controversial column)
Most everyone in Dixon – and now points around the world – know about the kerfuffle over Ted Hickman’s “That’s Life” Column in which he proposed a Straight Patriotic Americans Month as a counterpoint to the June “LGBT” Pride month.
Hickman, Dixon Vice Mayor, described the exhibitionist activities in Pride Parades in San Francisco and Davis. He also used a term those participants call themselves. Of course, that is verboten for anyone who is not a part of that community. Local adversaries of Hickman put out the word with their hope Hickman would be forced from office.
The story quickly spread, now to the entire world after George Takei – whose only real fame was playing the minor role as “Sulu” on Star Trek decades ago. The FaceBook Page “Recall Ted Hickman” has thousands of postings, mostly from California, but also as far away as England and Ireland.
While the vile comments on the Facebook Page, and emails received directly by Hickman were many factors worse than the terms he used, more concerning to the people of Dixon is the concerted and organized effort to intimidate him and the entire Dixon community – intimidating businesses and even churches who advertise in this newspaper.
The least offensive such comments are in the Musings column by Mike Ceremello inside this issue. The emails and phone messages have been preserved by the IV staff who received them. Some messages included physical threats, of which the Dixon Police Department has been informed.
A probably violation of tax law occurred when Sharon Montooth of Davis, called the IV editor Dave Scholl and left a call back number, stating she wanted to converse about the matter. When Scholl returned the call Montooth said she heard some IV advertisers had drop out because of the controversy, and some others had signed up. Montooth called from (530) 758-7722, her direct line with the Yolo SPCA.
When asked why she wanted the information, Montooth was evasive, but eventually admitted she has been calling advertiser to “express her concerns.” From the Facebook page, and reports for several advertisers, it appears she is involved in a wide-spread campaign to financially harm Hickman and the IV.
The worst of it is – after IV investigators tracked down Montooth’s phone number, learning she is an official of the Yolo County SPCA – heading up the feral cat program.
That organization is a tax exempt 501(c)(3) entity, which is prohibited from engaging in political activity. The evidence is Montooth was using the SPCA phones and office for her harassment of Dixon businesses. Even Dixon churches and civic groups have been targeted for intimidation. The Executive Director of the Yolo SPCA has been informed.
(Publishers Note: Since confronting Montooth and the SPCA, her boss has contacted us and stated she confronted Montooth about her actions. Montooth admitted she had done so, and she was wrong and apologized for it. She also said she had not called any other business about the issue. Her boss reviewed the phone records and confirmed Montooth did not make any other calls – and also said Montooth stated she was not going to be further involved, including any postings or other social media actions. The IV has accepted the apology. As we told her and her boss, she has every right to express her opinions and could have written a letter to the editor for publication (the IV ran such a letter from another person in the very next issue after the controversial column) but attacking the IV by intimidating advertisers and trying to harm the IV and Ted financially is totally unacceptable.)
One long-time Dixon business owner reports being called by a person (he knows who) insisting on “educating” him. The business owner refused to talk about the subject – despite two attempts by the caller – saying he is just a business person with a retail store.
The harasser then went on Yelp, and despite admitting she has always had great service at the store, gave it a “one star” in order to reduce its rating. All the other posting were the highest possible – all fives.
Besides Montooth, at least two Solano County employees have posted on the anti-Hickman website:
Rebecca Moschentbacher of Dixon who works with the Solano County Office of Education, and Pam Ross, who is a case manager for the Solano Superior Courts.
So far only one IV advertiser has cancelled – Milton Carpenter Funeral Home on North First St in Dixon. (Phone: 707- 678-2189 – ask for Janet).
An email was sent to the IV ostensibly form another Dixon business – but the owner has since apologized and explained his employee had sent it without his approval.
Two people in Dixon did cancel delivery of the IV – but neither one ever subscribed. Four other Dixon residents have reacted by sending in their paid subscriptions, and others have promised theirs on the way. (Since this article a total of 19 non-subscribers have asked not to receive the IV – only one subscriber has done so – and numerous people in Dixon and throughout the US have since subscribed – and paid.)
See the Musings column on page 3 inside for some of the negative and positive comments sent to Hickman and to the IV.
Hickman’s adversaries have announced they will pack the City Council Chambers at this coming Tuesday’s meeting – including people from Davis, Sacramento, San Francisco and other Bay Area communities.
As the controversy develops, the IV will keep readers informed the threats, intimidation, names of leaders and participants – both those from inside and outside Dixon.

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