California Gas Prices Highest in 850 Days, Thanks to Gas Tax Hikes

February 2, 2018
Average gasoline prices across most of California are now at their highest level in over 850 days. The statewide average today of $3.30 per gallon is the highest it has been since September 4, 2015, with most major California cities including Los Angeles ($3.43), San Francisco ($3.34), San Jose ($3.23), San Diego ($3.38) and Sacramento ($3.09) also at or very near their highest since September 2015. California’s average price per gallon stands nearly 20 cents per gallon higher than it started the year and 34 cents ahead of where it was a year ago.
Gas prices traditionally begin their seasonal rise in mid-February as refiners begin maintenance and transitioning to more expensive CARB-mandated summer gasoline, so it is highly likely that average gas prices will continue to climb before the summer. Prices could stand 20-50 cents a gallon higher by Memorial Day and flirt with $4 per gallon, a level not seen in California since July 2014. California now leads the nation with the biggest change at the pump versus a year ago: prices stand 47 cents higher, followed by Indiana (+45 cents) and Michigan (+44 cents).

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