Dixon Based “Flying Car”

Moller International has been developing flying cars, or the “Skycar®” as they refer to it, since 1983. Originally located in Davis, just a few blocks from UCD, the company has recently made a strategic move to Dixon where it is headquarters and affiliate company now reside. Dr. Moller, the founder and president of the company is a long time Dixon resident.
The Skycar® has been featured on countless TV programs and printed publications. Moller International prides itself on the safety of its redundant systems which incorporate multiple flight computers and engines in the event of a failure. The Skycar® 400, a 4-passenger Vertical Takeoff and Landing (VTOL) aircraft, boasts a max speed of over 300 mph and cruises at an altitude of 25,000 ft. The two aircraft families, Neuera and Skycar®, are both capable of fully autonomous operation over a wide variety of applications such as passenger transportation, agriculture, and public safety.
Imagine taking a trip to LA for the weekend: use your smartphone to plan your trip and request a Skycar®, indicate how many passengers will be traveling, and the appropriate size Skycar® will arrive at your doorstep just a short time later. Hop in, let the aircraft know you’re all clear to takeoff, and the Skycar® will do the rest while you enjoy a refreshing beverage, watch a movie, or even take a nap.
With multiple backup systems onboard, you can travel at ease while avoiding the hassle of typical commercial airline travel. Personal airborne transportation is bound to happen in today’s rapidly advancing technological world, and with the rise in popularity of drones this technological step may now be closer than ever.
Moller International will be present at this year’s Lambtown Festival and will have staff available to answer questions. While the company is new to the Dixon area, they are not offering tours of the facility at this time, but  encourage those interested in more information to visit their website:

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