Dixon’s Independent Voice Celebrates Its Silver Anniversary

March 16, 2018
By Dave Scholl, Publisher
With this issue, Dixon’s Independent Voice has reached its 25th year of publication – our Silver Anniversary is tomorrow, St. Patrick’s Day, March 17th.
It is a happy coincidence that anniversary coincides with the annual “Sunshine Week” of the nationwide newspaper and journalism community.
The first issue, under the moniker “The Dixon Newspaper” was published March 17, 1993. It was started by a group of Dixonites concerned what had been a local newspaper for over a hundred years was bought by a small Vallejo newspaper chain owned by a Marin County banker.
That was also the first year of the Dixon Mother of the Year Award coordinated by the newspaper, presented on Mothers’ Day.
At first it was only a twice monthly tabloid printed only with black ink. Over the first few years it grew to be a weekly – but still a tabloid.
In 1996 – May First to be exact – it became a “broadsheet” (a regular sized paper) and the name was changed to Dixon’s Independent Voice – but still almost only in black.
At the turn of the century the paper bought its own printing press. But after several years, while the publisher (Dave Scholl) was in a seven year battle with cancer when it became untenable to print in-house.
Starting with the June 10, 2011 edition, the Independent Voice became a full color on all pages publication, which it still is today.
Another tradition of the paper has been to publish The Declaration of Independence the week of July Fourth. That is to highlight the principles and philosophy which this newspaper shares. If you want to know our bias – read the Declaration.
“To protect these rights, governments are created among men – deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed.”
That is why we challenge and criticize, investigate and expose governments and public officials. The government is the SERVANT of the PEOPLE. The people are SUPPOSED to be sovereign.
When the city government spent a quarter million dollars to prohibit a vote of the people on the waste water fee hikes – despite a majority of the voters having signed at least one of the four petitions demanding that vote – the city politicians and bureaucrats showed themselves to be enemies of that basic American principle.
Standing firm on that principle has brought repercussions against this newspaper and its publisher over all those 25 years. But the IV has remained firm defending that principle – and will.
It is also an intent to recognize and promote all the commendable activities of the people of Dixon – especially of the younger members of the community.
For the future, the IV’s goals is to expand the content and, if ad and subscription revenue allow, increase the number of pages and maybe even publish more frequently.
Many people deserve thanks for their contributions to the paper for many years: Ted Hickman, Mike Ceremello, Amy Shane, Loran Hoffmann, Shirley Humphrey, Tim Riley, John Dawson, Ourania Riddle, Jo Clark, the many people who have submitted letters and opinion pieces – and especially my wife Pat and kids – Kevin, Marie and Patrick – who have each put up with so much during the 23 years I have been the publisher.
You, the people of Dixon also deserve thanks for making the IV the most widely read newspaper in Dixon – bar none.
The IV remains the ONLY locally owned Dixon newspaper – and the only family owned and veteran owned.

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