“Movie Studio” Promoter Carissa Carpenter Jailed for Violating Release Terms

Carissa Carpenter, of Morningview and other companies she headed in an attempt to open movie studios outside of Hollywood, appeared before Judge Kendall J. Newman on Wednesday, August 30, 2017 for a hearing to revoke her ability to remain out of custody pending her trial scheduled for August of 2018.
Carpenter has been indicted for 32 counts of fraud and other federal felonies based on her twenty-year long use of a proposed “Movie Studio” in numerous locations which she allegedly used to bilk potential investors. Her efforts in Dixon ended when the Sacramento Bee published a five-full page (including the front page) major expose of her activities. The prosecutors estimate she defrauded others of over $5 million over that 20 year period.
The issue before the court this past Wednesday were allegations made by prosecutors and assistant US attorneys Todd Pickles and Rosanna Rust were that Carpenter had again defrauded a person, Joseph Garcia, (this time for $20,000), did not reside within California, changed residences at will, and contacted witnesses via email.  In addition, Carpenter was stopped in Texas for speeding and failed to inform the PTS (pre-trial services).  Another allegation was that Carpenter was planning on moving to Australia to be with an attorney, Lennard VanOostendorp, to whom Garcia had wired money.
The prosecutors’ court filing noted Carpenter had violated the terms of her release almost immediately, and did so repeatedly since – and was a flight risk.
Carpenter’s attorney, John Manning, argued that Carpenter was not a flight risk and had only set up two individuals who were part of the money transfer.  He claimed that Carpenter had found a number of rentals and was researching them.  Newman stated, “not out of the Eastern District … no more”.  To Manning’s statement that “her car and dogs are in New York”, the judge retorted “someone else will have to get her stuff.”
Once again the medical condition of Carpenter was put into play with Manning stating Carpenter was in the emergency room three times in the last two weeks.  Manning also countered the fraud aspect by claiming that Garcia had personally “vetted” VanOostendorp.
After listening to a half hour of back and forth, Judge Newman had reached his limit asserting, “I have heard enough.”  Just as he had in all cases before him this day, Newman stated that “I have zero confidence any condition set would be complied with … she must have mental health counseling and must reside in the Eastern District.”
Newman eased off by saying that Carpenter could be released after spending some time in jail.  “If she was out, she needs more strictures.”
The judge stated there is a pre-trial conference set for June 20, 2018 and the trial itself is set for August 2018.
Carpenter’s activities in Dixon has left behind concerns and conflicts still not fully resolved – especially lack of confidence in city officials.
Property owners assert the City Manager, Jim Lindley, pressured them to sell their land at below market prices or face city resistance to any other development of their land.
Open government proponents note the erzats ‘Movie Studio” was used by opponents of open local government to defeat Measure N to codify greater transparency of Dixon government. Carpenter publicly stated if the measure passed, she would not proceed with the project.
“Measure N” was about “Dixon citizens having the right to know in a timely manner what their government was doing and why, so their voices could be heard,” commented Ourania Riddle who was the primary proponent of Measure N, “Dixon’s elected officials and city management used Carpenter to defeat “Measure N” because they do not believe in your right to know.”
The “project” has left languishing issue over Public Records on the personal communications devices of high-level Dixon officials. A Public Records Act (PRA) request for those records was first filed by a former city employee – Michael Guss. At the time, City Attorney Doug White wrote Gus the records were exempt because they were held by the officials, not the city. The California Supreme Court unanimously rejected that argument in January of this year, ruling they are public records and must be provided. Dixon’s Independent Voice then in January filed in a PRA request with city for those same records – and received a refusal using the identical arguments White previous used and the Supreme Court said were invalid. Over 8 months later, the City Attorney and City Clerk have still not complied – violating the PRA and snubbing the Supreme Court.
Judge Newman is also controversial. A website, ISSUU, contains numerous publications from a Dylan Smith devoted to complaints against the judiciary including at least two complaints against Newman.
“Judge Newman is a former federal prosecutor who allegedly conveys a pro-government, pro-law enforcement bias in the adjudication of federal civil rights cases against law enforcement officers, government employees, prison officials, state court judges, and government officials. Judge Newman reportedly does not disclose conflicts of interest as required by law.
Sacramento County Superior Court whistle blowers and court reform advocates assert  Judge Newman is partly responsible for the cover-up of systemic civil rights violations, honest services fraud, and RICO racketeering by Sacramento Family Law Court judges, judge pro tem attorneys, and court employees against indigent, financially disadvantaged and disabled pro per litigants.”

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