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by Mike Ceremello

Shotgun Diplomacy

As an observer and commentator on human behavior, the week leading up to July 4th has been beyond entertaining. Was it not former US attorney general Eric Holder who proclaimed America was too afraid to have a discussion on race? Evidently Holder’s idea of a discussion was only to hear from people who agreed with his party’s viewpoints.
I find a great similarity between this and the uproar of a handful of people over Terrible Ted’s last column advocating a Straight Pride American Month.
Considering that I will be running for a council seat this November, I have been warned by many well wishing people to stay out of the fray. Like that will happen. When you have no principles, no strong beliefs, and simply are a politician, that is easy enough to do. In my case, I believe in the freedom to express ideas in print or any other format one would choose, no matter what position a person holds or what the idea is.
The reason I can say this is because of my continual education. During my collegiate tour of duty in the field of Geology, I learned of how all the experts throughout history were wrong and yet how strongly they fought for their beliefs. This taught me to question everything. There are those of you who would have us question nothing if it challenges your positions.
Another thing I have observed on a rather continual basis is the hypocrisy of the Left. How is it they preach tolerance but practice their own variety of hate speech. Actually it isn’t a variety at all … it is hate plain and simple. Again you don’t believe me? Then judge for yourself.

“We’re everywhere. We know how to fight trash like you. We know how to ruin your life. And now we know you’re exactly the kind of scum that needs scrubbing out of the government altogether. May your every endeavor fail. May friends and relatives turn on you like they’ve never done before.”
“You will be forgotten. And when you are finally gone and this world is a little cleaner for it, no one will mourn for your passing. I daresay we’ll celebrate it by tagging your gravestone with rainbows, or holding our marches wherever your ashes are spread. To hell with you, you illiterate, loudmouthed, spiteful, ignorant disgrace to humanity.”
“Just wanted to write a note and say I think you’re an ignorant vile human being. Your homophobia makes me think you are a very small, ignorant, man or a closet homosexual. I hope your diverse constituents vote you out on your ass in the next election. You disgust me.”

Those are just a few of the nicer emails received through city hall or directly to Ted. Funny but I don’t recall Ted saying he hated anyone but just that he wanted a parade for his own kind. Isn’t that what all parades are about, including the ones in which these haters choose to participate?
Then we have the plainly ignorant whom I can attack from two directions. “Members of the City Council must faithfully represent ALL of their constituents, without favor or prejudice.” – Tim Goncharoff. Really?
Tell me Tim how the election process works. Do Democrats represent Republican views once elected? Hell, even Republicans rarely represent the base once elected. Ever hear of John McCain, Susan Collins, Jeff Flake, or Olympia Snowe? When they are elected to local office do you actually believe those people represent those who didn’t vote for them?
Look at this logically. If a highly contentious issue comes before the council and half the people are for it and half against, a council person can only represent half of his constituents’ views at best. As most people coming before the council in Dixon don’t declare their sexuality or homosexuality, Terrible Ted would not be acting prejudicially in making a decision.
This brings up an interesting thought. It wasn’t long ago that I was in Cotati, home to typical Marin County liberal lunacy, where a racist, liberal professor had died and the council was considering a replacement for his position. One candidate got up and declared that “she was a lesbian and her partner was there to support her”. While she may have considered it a “qualification” or premium, the council did not. Did that make Cotati’s four council members judgmental, prejudicial, or showing some sort of favoritism?
Let’s look at this from a different perspective, that of representing your constituents’ views specifically on a gay rights issue. In 2008 Dixon voted FOR Proposition 8 – recognizing only monogamous heterosexual marriage – by 60.9% v 39.1%. The same vote countywide was 89,292 Yes = 55.82% versus 70,680 No = 44.18%. The Supreme Court nullified this vote of the People by claiming it violated homosexuals’ civil rights. The real result was altering of the Miriam Webster definition of the word marriage. Sort of like it depends what your definition of “is” is.

Going on to the next point, it is being claimed that Ted “represents” the city as an elected councilman and its vice mayor. Considering Dixon’s political reputation of being anything but staid and people claiming there must be something in our water, Ted fits into the mold.
I contend he no more represents the city than he represents every diverse view of our rather independent population. I could say the same thing about our mayor and the other three councilmen or any of their predecessors.

More to a factual point, when has Ted or any of the council ever broached the subject of homosexuality during a council meeting. What Ted does or says in his other role as a literary humorist is no reflection on the city or council despite his mentioning the title of his office in obvious referral to how a month gets named for a special cause.
Another point is humor. The thought and speech police have no problem in attempting to silence Theodore. I hear no outrage focused on Michelle Wolf (the comedienne not comedian) who relies on “shock” to get her laughs at the expense of people she and her ilk hate.
Samantha Bee is another. It seems conservative bashing has found its way to the suburbs or in Dixon’s case, the rural countryside.
Yet not all is negative. While the LGBT(Q) will castigate Ted’s supporters as “deplorables”, ignorant, or homophobic, these same people aren’t threatening violence on those who disagree with their views as is Equality California. It seems a queer form of Anti-fa has arrived. So let’s look at the opposite view some would classify as “positive”.
“God Bless Ted for speaking up about what the majority of this great country of ours believes. The fact that 3% of the country’s population can have such a dramatic affect on the rest of the population is disgusting.”
“Just wanted to send an email of encouragement and thanks for speaking for conservatives (that I still believe are the majority) and conservative values. I loved the article. The double standard in this country is just ridiculous. I, by no means have anything against gay people, but the ramming it down everyone’s throats is out of control.”

I truly wish people would be a little more cognizant of their words as they write. Perhaps it is just my personal flaw of seeing the obvious humor in careless banter. But then I digress.
So now a little insight from Mike.
First, this has been blown way out of proportion by the ne’er-do-well posters on Dixon 411 Political and two opposition councilmen on the current council. Perhaps they need a lesson in basic free speech. If you take governmental action as retribution or a repercussion to a person in an attempt to silence him, you have just violated his free speech right and the freedom of the press. The same goes for a censure action from the council.
Second, Ted can’t be recalled as it is too close to his seat coming up for re-election if he so chooses. Learn the law, folks, before you start spouting off.
Third, having read Ted’s column a couple of times, most of it is statement of facts except for the symbol of barring the gay parade.
Nowhere in his column did Ted say he didn’t want it to occur or didn’t mind if it did. If a writer’s description of a group’s antics discomforts you because your mind comes to the conclusion that the description is “denigrating”, aren’t you the one who is really in denial?
I also found it fascinating how those who defend the parade want to claim it is about their struggles and the lives lost in gaining equality in some shape or form. How exactly does the leather brigade of two men in the parade with one whipping the other honor anything but sexual deviance? Ever see the pictures of naked people on ten speed bikes at these parades? Somehow the struggle got confused with hedonism.
Fourth, along with the spewing of hate, we have the Gaystapo going after the livelihood of not only Ted but this newspaper itself. We have the emails attempting to induce advertisers to pull their ads. We have the emails threatening to destroy Ted financially. We have seen this kind of attempt before by the bad old boy group in town.
For those of you advertisers who pull your ads, I intend to identify you and tell the real Americans who believe in the First Amendment to boycott your business. It is now a two-way street.
Fifth, I understand the three major networks were looking for interviews from Ted and hiding behind his truck looking to surprise him coming out of his house. Now that’s professionalism. You want an interview? I am available at (707) 678-8575 or 1565 McCarthy Court.
You can call ahead so I can put on my suit. I know the wonders of Channel 3 letting Rick Fuller know ahead of time they were coming and then just storming my front door to catch me in less than official gear. Isn’t that right, Rich Ibarra?
Sixth, if you think Anti-fa has a lock on thug cowardice, you didn’t hear about the Safeway firework’s booth.
Seems like three vans of outraged potential criminals arrived to confront Ted. On Sunday, they ran into the American Legion Riders. Upon seeing what they viewed as stern opposition, they drove to Safeway. When several of the men decided to see if they could answer any potential question this caravan might have about fireworks, the vans promptly left, tires squealing as the men approached.
My conclusion to this whole mess? Sarcasm is a lost art. Humor is in the eye and mind of the beholder. You don’t get to dictate morals or immorality to others. Nothing has been gained by those spewing their hatred. In fact, much has been exposed about those people and the ones foolish enough to post on Facebook.
Rather than dignity, the gay community condemned itself due to its blatant show of bigotry and venom.
Just as much as some want to claim this is some “viral” response, I can only assume due to its low numbers that most of the LGBT community doesn’t give a damn what Ted wrote. Just as the cranks on the Left, in the media and certain vocal individuals, feel they speak for all on the Left, it must be somewhat disturbing that Trump’s popularity continues to rise including defections from within their own party, at least according to the latest Harris poll.
Finally, don’t threaten one of Dixon’s own. Many of us don’t appreciate it. If you come for me holding a pipe, as I have now heard is Anti-fa’s MO, just remember. I might introduce you to a bat with your name on it …

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