Plastic Bags Best for Environment

According to a recent report from Stanford University, the much maligned – and now banned in California – plastic bag is more eco-friendly than the alternative paper or cotton grocery bags.
“… Plastic bags have the smallest carbon footprint, at least in terms of single-bag production.”
“An exhaustive Environment Agency (U.K.) report from 2011 found that paper bags must be reused at least three times to negate their higher climate-warming potential (compared with that of plastic bags). A cotton bag would have to be reused 131 times to breakeven with a plastic bag, in terms of the climate impact of producing each bag.”
The “Eco-Tips” article was in the current (September 2017) issue of Stanford magazine and was written by Claire Thompson.
Millions of dollars were spent in the election last year on a ballot measure to ban single use plastic bags – based on environmental arguments which the Stanford report has now debunked. The measure passed state-wide.

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