Solano Votes Heavily Against Regional Measure 3 Bridge Toll Hikes – But Larger Counties Put Hike Over the Top

The voters of Solano County resoundingly rejected the Bay Area bridge toll hikes – which will increase those tolls to nine dollars when fully implemented – commuter from our communities will be stuck with those higher rates anyway.
Solano County voted against Regional Measure 3 (RM3) by almost 70% (69.79% by exact unofficial final results from the Registrar of Voters). But only one other of the nine counties stood with Solano – Contra Costa, which voted NO by 56%. Solano’s votes were 44,460 against, and 19,247 for. Contra Costa was 66,443 No, and 52,443 Yes.
Counties supporting the toll hikes were:
Alameda – 46.91% (76,922) No vs 53.09% (87,048) Yes
San Francisco – 35.26% (50,653) No vs 64.74% (93,023) Yes
Santa Clara – 39.48% (73,874) No vs 60.52% (113,258) Yes
San Mateo – 46.25% (32,745) No vs 53.75% (38,059) Yes
Sonoma – 47.2% (31,348) No vs 52.8% (35,064) Yes
Marin – 41.96% (15,211) No vs 58.04% (21.044) Yes
Napa – 48.06% (6,657) No vs 51.94% (7,194) Yes
A simple analysis by county shows commuters who will be paying the tolls rejected the hikes. Areas with voters who would rarely cross the bridges – and not be paying the tolls – favored the increase.
The Golden Gate Bridge will not have its tolls increase – explaining why North Bay counties with commuters who cross the Golden Gate supported the hikes.
Of all the counties, it is Solano County commuters who will be most heavily impacted by the hikes – costing them over $750 a year in increase tolls. Despite that, voters re-elected a major local supporter of the toll hikes – Supervisor John Vasquez.
In its early days of existence – in the 1950’s and 60’s – the Solano Board of Supervisors adamantly refused to join the Association of Bay Area Governments (ABAG) on the grounds this county would become subservient to the more populated Bay Area counties.
olano was forced to join when both the federal and state governments declared road construction and other grants would be denied unless funneled through ABAG. The original prophecies of the Solano supervisors have proven to be correct.

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