Supervisor John Vasquez Victorious with Over 54% of the Vote to Win Fifth Term – Set for 20 Year Career

Vasquez Outspends All Three Challengers Combined by 3 to 1

Incumbent Fourth District Solano County Supervisor John Vasquez vanquished his three challengers in Tuesday’s election, garnering over 54% of the total vote – staving off a run-off in November.
His nearest competitor was Dixon Councilman Devon Minnema, who was the choice of just under 22% of the voters.
Vazquez was seeking his fifth term on the Board of Supervisors – having already held the office for 16 years and now set for a full-career of 20 years on the board.
According to campaign finance filings with the Solano County Registrar of Voters, from January 1 through May 19 Vasquez raised $48,438 and spent $60,753.
In the same period, Minnema raised $15,258 and spent $10,886. The other two candidates – Deborah Lazaro and Susan Eleanor MacMakin were far behind. Lazaro claimed no contributions—she self-funded $5,000 and spending $4,878; while MacMakin received $1,500 in contributions and spent only $350.
The amounts for each of the candidates will be higher for the period from May 19 through the election on June 6 – but the ratios will likely be similar, with Vazquez outspending all three challengers by more than three to one.
On a percentage basis, Vasquez did just slightly better than his last election in 2014, when he received just over 51% of the vote – also against three challengers, including now Mayor of Dixon Thom Bogue who was Vasquez’s closest competition that year.
While more study is needed, a look at the history of Solano County shows Dixon has not had anyone on the Board of Supervisors for at least 50 years – and possibly a century.
Ironically, while Vasquez was re-elected, a ballot measure he strongly backed – and was one of the proponents in the Ballot Pamphlet – lost by nearly 70% of the vote in Solano County. That was Regional Measure 3 (RM3), which will increase bridge tolls by three dollars when fully implemented.
(See the article below detailing the RM3 vote county-by-county.)
While a handful of more votes may yet to be counted, the unofficial final results for the Fourth District Supervisor race are:
VASQUEZ: 6,730 votes = 54.45%
MINNEMA: 2,6974 votes = 21.82%
LAZARO: 1,743 votes = 14.10%
MACMAKIN: 1138 votes = 9.21%
WRITE-IN: 53 votes = 0.434%

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