Vote No on Measure N — The Dixon Sales Tax Hike, Taxpayers Urge

Measure N is a bait-and-switch. It promises to fund “construction of … the Parkway Boulevard overcrossing,” but the City can’t afford the overcrossing.
Measure N’s proposed sales tax is projected to generate $1.4 million/year for 10 years. That’s $14 million. The overcrossing is estimated to cost $19 million.
That means the City must break one of its promises. Either the promised overcrossing won’t be built (and the City will keep the money), or the tax won’t sunset after the promised 10 years.
No surprise. The City promised to build this overcrossing by 2007 with fees it extracted from developers of the Valley Glen and Parklane subdivisions. Why wasn’t it built then? And where did that money go?
The City of Dixon has failed to answer numerous requests about the money – how much was collected; how much was spent; was any use on other projects; how much is left; and how is the city going to replace the money they “borrowed” from the overpass funds?
Even the promise of “citizen oversight” is hollow. This oversight committee will be picked by the City.
Sales tax increases hurt local merchants who are struggling to compete with Internet sellers and neighboring cities. Local merchants provide jobs, and they already pay taxes.
The more we raise local sales taxes, the more shoppers choose to buy online, robbing sales from local merchants. Another tax increase could be the last straw that drives some out of business.
California currently has the highest gasoline taxes in the nation. Forty-four percent (44%) of the excise tax on gasoline goes to local government. Plus the money from developer fees. Why isn’t Dixon using that money to build its overcrossing and fix our roads?
Measure N promises won’t be kept, and its unnecessary tax increase will only hurt local businesses and kill jobs.
Vote NO on Measure N!
Michael Edward Marsh, President
Dixon Chapter – Solano County Taxpayers Association

Ourania Riddle, Secretary
Solano County Taxpayers Association

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