City Attorney Attacks, Slanders & Insults Thousands of Dixon Residents Over Sewer Rate Petition

The Dixon City Attorneys in their filings last week against the new Sewer Fee Roll Back initiative attacked the proponents of that initiative and the people who signed them as “A small band of renegade band of Dixon (which) refuses … Continue reading

Analysis of City Attorney’s Anti-Voters Pleadings

The Independent Voice Analyzes City Attorney’s Anti-Voters Pleadings – and the Reporting by Courthouse News Agency The Courthouse News article repeatedly states “the city says” – and that the city is calling the taxpayers group “a small band of renegade … Continue reading

Federal EPA Touts Modern Ferrate Water System as Better for Environment, Public Health & at Much Lower Cost

City’s Sewer Plant Plans based on Obsolete Century-Old Technology for $30 million While the City of Dixon refuses to acknowledge twenty-first century treatment technologies for its alleged waste water treatment pollution problems, it appears the Federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) … Continue reading