Dixon City Attorney Doug White Embroiled in Atwater Controversies Similar to Dixon

Bills Atwater $100K in first two months Tipped off by a call from the US Press Freedom Center (USPFC) – a national organization established to defend freedom of the press and transparency and accountability by all levels of government – … Continue reading

Bill condemned by Catholic Bishops, Evangelicals, First Amendment Advocates Dixon Assemblywoman Votes for Extreme Bill to Censor Speech and Press

SACRAMENTO, CA – The California Assembly approved a bill 50-18 that would ban counselors from providing counseling and adults from receiving counsel regarding unwanted same-sex attraction, behavior or gender confusion. The bill is so far reaching that it also prohibits … Continue reading

State Bar Seeks Sanctions on Solano DA Lawyer for Prosecutorial Misconduct

The California State Bar Association has filed disciplinary charges against a prosecutor in the Solano County District Attorney’s office. The Six County complaint is against Andrew Michael Ganz for prosecutorial misconduct. The charges stem from a homicide case entitled “People … Continue reading