Candidate Questionnaire Answers – Ted Hickman

Ted Hickman — Incumbent, District 2

Ted & Linda Hickman helping at an Bids for Kids BBQ fundraiser

1. What specific issue persuaded you to run for City Council this year?
Unfinished business. We have many projects I helped start and I’d like to see them through like: Second resource officer for the junior high/elementary school; Getting streets fixed with the one million we’ve set aside for it; the southwest and northeast developments.
2.    What are the three most important issues facing Dixon.
Increasing water rates, growth and more new business
3. How you would do long term planning for Dixon.
Strategic planning for all departments… the general plan is a joke because the city ignored the GAC committee and the million dollar project will be obsolete when finally approved.
4.    Briefly describe five of your important accomplishments for the Dixon community – in city government or in the private sector.
Infrastructure and safety improvements; school speed zones; school resource officers; improved police and fire departments; balanced budget; acting as the stop gap for things not so good… and acting as the catalyst for all good things… my strong suit.
5.    Would you support the City of Dixon recognizing an LGBT Pride Month, Week or Day and/or a Straight Pride Month?
“Support”  LGBT after what they do, and what they did to me and other non-believers? “NO”.  Why not have July as a straight pride month honoring all of the organization, groups and people of like interests and concerns? The fourth of July would be a great day for all Americans to kick off the month.
6. During this last council term, sewer rates and waste water treatment were major issues:
a. Did you support the almost triple hike in the sewer rates? NO
b. Did you support the citizens’ petition to put the rate increase on the ballot?
c. Did you vote for or support spending over $200,000 in legal fees to prevent putting the sewer rate increase on the ballot.
d. Did you research and propose any alternatives to the waste water treatment system? No, this is Mike’s (Ceremello) thing
7. The Pardi Market site has been an eyesore for 25 years – four citizens’ advisory committee have proposed virtually the same concept over those years – a well landscaped parking lot with some pedestrian amenities.
a. What do you think should be done with the site?
Doesn’t matter what I think the council voted to spend millions to turn it into a park KING lot which I have fought from day one… with the perfect place for such a project just a block down the street. This is a Scott Pederson legacy project to keep promises he made to some folks…
b. Did you support spending about $150,000 for consultants who came back with the same plan the citizens’ committees did?
c. Do you support spending up to $3 million to implement that plan?
Duh, Of course not, this is inexcusable.
d. Do you support any alternative to the plan itself and for financing?
Move it a block north and for one/tenth the price have a beautiful  shaded, grassy  park, save the needed downtown parking spaces and put the gazebo there with a nice sound system for community use… Makes too much sense huh?
8. Expenditures for legal fees has increased from a high of $400,000 for the previous City Attorney to nearly $1 million last fiscal year and a budgeted $1 million for this fiscal year.
a. Did you support that increase?
Yes, to have an in house attorney going for outside help in all of the dozens of areas now encompassed by the current ciy attorney’s office would be millions more a year… I’ve seen it both ways and we have the best bang for the buck as it is now. We can’t stop costly frivolous, lawsuits, dumb council  requests and other stupid things mandated by law,.. so we pay.
b. What did or would you do to reduce it?
Lessen the amount of legal work demanded by the council every time we turn around…. And make them/us ask for cost on/for each request we make… The public should know what their requests will (and have) cost, up front also.
c. What do you believe caused the increase?
Like I said…We can’t stop  costly frivolous, lawsuits,  dumb council requests and other stupid things mandated by law,..
9. The town’s General Plan is being updated. Zoning needs to be updated. What are your suggestions?
Update the zoning (by the planing commission) taking the marijauna issue into consideration.
10. What are your thoughts related to a jobs/housing balance in Dixon?
The proposed future “work where you live development for the north east quadrant has my full backing. It is the way things will be in the future… total impact of traffic on the freeway will mandate it.
11. Should the Northeast Quadrant be rezoned from industrial/commercial?
I see an intelligent mix of both. (see #10)
12. Should city parks and recreation department provide only services that most residents use and not offered by the private sector?
13. Are adequate public transit options available? Do you have suggestions?
Yes, the city’s Redi-Ride hooks up to all transportation needs in the area. When the business is here a  local cab company will surface.
14. For years requests have been repeatedly made for accounting of the Parkway Blvd overpass funds. The response has been the city does not do project accounting. What have or will you do to get the city’s accounting up to date and ensure the public can get such details of city finances?
I/we can ask, then demand, for what specifically? Give a specific list and I’ll try to get specific answers, ok?
15. “Bullying” and a business friendly environment have been recent concerns for Dixon. A concerted effort has recently been made to harass Dixon businesses to pressure them not to advertise in Dixon’s Independent Voice – with the explicitly stated goal to put the IV out of business. What is your opinion of such tactics, and what have you specifically done regarding them?
I’ve stated my piece and held my ground. If any the 3 LGBT backed, sympathetic candidates (editors’note: (Two of three (Scott and Jim) in District #1 and one of two (Ernest)  in Distrist #2) win in the coming election. You ain’t heard nothing yet!

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