City Council Candidates File Finance Reports

Candidates for Dixon City Council filed last week show a wide disparity between them. To date, Ted Hickman, Mike Ceremelo and James Wood have not filed detailed forms because they have not raised nor spent over $2,000. At that level no such reports are required.
In contrast, Scott Pederson and Jim Ernest have passed that threshold and filed those forms. Jim Ernest has been the biggest fund raiser – collection over $7,000 and spending over $3,258. As if the filing date he had $3,956 on hand. He loaned his own campaign $900.
Ernest’s biggest donor is Thomas Ruppel, who kicked in $2,000. Ruppel, who only registered to vote in Dixon in March 2016, listed himself as retired Ernest’s next largest donor was Kevin Johnson, KJ Real Estate, who gave $600. Johnson currently rents the “train station” from the City of Dixon and sits on the Planning Commission with Ernest. Johnson also gave $500 to Pederson. Assemblywoman Cecilia Aguilar-Currey gave $500 from her own campaign account. Omar Torres – a lobbyist for an large aerospace corporation – $500;
Other Ernest donors were: IBEW union – $250; Cindy Duncan – $200; Ben Ernest – $200; James Louie – $200; Fernando Castillo, who works for Siemans – $200; Philip Coates – $200; Mike Velz of Yolo Ballooning – $200; Maryanne Courville, now living in Idaho – $100; Ernest Van Sant – $100; Ben Ernest – $100. Wyatt Erwin, a scientific aid with the State of California – $100; Dave Johnson – $100; Daniel Welter of Roseville employed in Public Affairs (lobbying) – $100; Orville Klein – $100; and Cliff DeTar – $100.
Ernest spent $1,179.92 on literature from Citra Communications; $358.87 for literature from Vista Print; $1,395.14 for signs from; and $#147.83 with Political Data on polling.
Besides Kevin Johnson’s $500; Scott Pederson received campaign donations from: Kay Fulfs Cayler – $200; Warren Solmons – $100; Anthony Tryba – $100; Dave Johnson – $100; Frisby Smith – $100; William Smith – $100; Rick Fuller – $100;. He also received $300 during a previous filing period.

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