Detective Chris Rackley Honored as 2018 Dixon Police Officer of the Year

The Dixon Police Department has selected Detective Chris Rackley as the 2018 Police Officer of the Year, Chief Robert Thompson announced at the City Council meeting this past Tuesday.
Besides being selected as Officer of the Year, Detective Rackley was honored by Safe Quest Solano for his work in the area of domestic violence and sexual assault.
In January of 2018, Rackley was assigned as a family crime/sex assault investigator. He is the lead detective in all domestic violence, sexual assault, and child abuse cases. Rackley is also ensures all registered sex offenders within the City limits are in compliance with the law – and has actively worked to locate and arrest convicted sex offenders who failed to comply with the law.
In his time as an investigator, Detective Rackley has had many accomplishments. In just a few months he has authored over 15 search warrants, arranged for Multidisciplinary Interviews to be conducted on child abuse victims and worked directly with the Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force.
In June of this year, Detective Rackley learned of a sexual assault victim who was victimized repeatedly over a period of almost 10 years. Within 24 hours, he obtained enough evidence to arrest the suspect and take him into custody.
Detective Rackley has also assists with complex and dynamic investigations, including homicide and serious assaults.
“Detective Rackley has comported himself in a manner consistent with the finest traditions of law enforcement and has repeatedly demonstrated a commitment to the people of the City of Dixon,” Chief Thompson said.

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