Dixon IV Publishers Ballot Recommendations:

No on RM3 Toll Hikes
Minnema for Supervisor
Cox for Governor

Devon Minnema

Vote NO on RM3 Bridge Toll Hikes
RM3 stands for Regional Measure 3 – which is a tactic the large city Bay Area politicians have come up with to impose their regulations and taxes on communities that don’t want them.
The RM3 ballot measure will, when fully implemented, cost every Solano County resident who commutes to the East Bay an ADDITIONAL $800 plus per year in bridge tolls – and $1,600 per year for Solano commuters to San Francisco or the Penninsula. Once again, the burden falls disproportionately on Solano residents.
Drivers in California are already being soaked with massive hikes in gasoline taxes and vehicle fees. Billions in bonds have been approved that were supposed to be used for roads – but has been diverted and mismanaged.

Minnema for Supervisor
RM3 is bad enough – but worse is in the voter pamphlet SUPPORTING RM3, to the detriment of Solano residents? Incumbent District 4 County Supervisor JOHN VASQUEZ!
Several years ago Vasquez also backed a Solano County sales tax increase to pay for improvements on I-80 – a federal and state obligation. He joined all the swamp critter tax & spending politicians supporting the sales tax increase. That included George Miller who tried to extort the voters by saying if it didn’t pass he would make sure Solano County would not get ANY more federal highway funds.
Vasquez’s record supporting tax and toll hikes that HURT Solano residents is a major reason I am going to endorse Devon Minnema in this week’s issue. Vasquez is just another tax & spend insider swamp critter.
Even if Vasquez wins (although I believe he will be in a runoff), a strong vote for a “Favorite Son” will put Vasquez on notice that he is out of touch – at least with the people of Dixon.
Vasquez has already been in that office 16 years – and seeking to make it 20. I oppose career politicians and believe in term limits. Vasquez is the quintessential Good ‘ol Boy insider politician – something that must be resisted by the public.
From the best anyone has been able to determine, Dixon has NOT had someone on the Board of Supervisors for over a century – yes, 100 years. EVERY other city in the county has either always or frequently on the Board. It is time Dixon had one of its own on the Board.
Minnema is bright, highly informed, active in the Dixon community and – most important – has firm principles based on limited frugal government that is less intrusive on our lives. He is also creative in seeking solutions to problems – with an eye towards solving them with private initiative.
Besides, it is time Dixon had one of our own on the Board of Supervisors. I have been researching who has served on that board since the county was founded. For at least the past 50 years it appears every community in Solano County has had one or more person on the board EXCEPT Dixon. (I have personally known most of those members – and even ran or consulted the winning campaigns of a couple.) It may well be the last Dixonite on the board was over 100 years ago.
Devon Minnema on the board will be a swing vote – forcing the cliques and alliances to accommodate Dixon in their deliberations.

John Cox for Governor
The “Jungle Primary” in California has already resulted in elections where two candidates from the same party and with the same views end up as the only choice in the General Election. To assure a real choice in November, Cox needs be one of the top two vote-getters in the primary.
He is the strongest candidate versus the radical former mayor of San Francisco, Gavin Newsome. If you want to see what Newsome will do as Governor, just look how SF has deteriorated.
Cox has been leading the initiative campaign to repeal the massive gas and vehicle taxes imposed by Governor Brown and the state legislature last year – which is draining the budgets of California families.
Cox, a businessman, will get those taxes repealed and set the state’s spending on track.

For Attorney General, I back Steven Bailey
– both because I have known him personally and am sure of his integrity, intelligence and judicial temperament and because of his solid background and expertise in criminal justice. He was an elected Superior Court Judge in El Dorado County for 8½ years, where he had assignments in criminal, civil, probate, and juvenile cases and served 4 years as the Presiding Juvenile Judge.
Prior to the bench, he was in private practice handling criminal and administrative law for 19 years and was a Certified Criminal Law Specialist, certified by the California State Bar Board of Legal Specialization. He was also Deputy Director in charge of Legislation for the California Department of Social Services under Governor George Deukmejian.

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