Dixon Police Captain Ronald Willingmyre Retires

Dixon Police Captain Ron Willingmyre is retiring after thirty years in law enforcement and twelve years with the Dixon.
Captain Willingmyre began his police service in 1987 and joined the Dixon Police Department in 2005 as a sergeant. In 2012 he was promoted to lieutenant. In recognition of his managerial and administrative accomplishments for the Police Department and the City of Dixon, he was promoted to captain in 2016. He was in command of the Support Services Division, which encompassed all investigative and administrative elements in the police department.
An official statement from the department noted “Captain Willingmyre was the Acting Chief of Police for almost a year and half, providing leadership, management and stability to the Police Department during a leadership transition. As Acting Chief, he was instrumental in cementing Dixon’s strong collaborative relationship with surrounding law enforcement agencies, local, state and Federal.”
The statement further commented “The City of Dixon and the Dixon Police Department offer our sincere congratulations and appreciation for the service and dedication Captain Willingmyre has demonstrated in his years of police service. He has always comported himself in a manner consistent with the finest traditions of law enforcement and public service, and we wish him well in his well deserved retirement.”

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