Dixon Police Department Announces New E-Services for Residents

The Dixon Police Department has launched two new services to improve access to police services. These e-services can be accessed from the police department’s website, making them convenient for residents.
The police department has created a new Vacation Watch Program, where residents can register their address and dates of vacation in an encrypted database. Officers can access this database from the patrol car and will conduct security checks of the premise for the resident. The officer will log the check in the system, and if requested, the system will e-mail the resident telling them to enjoy their vacation, their house is secure.
The resident can also alert officers to special conditions, like alarms and pets, and provide emergency contact information so officers can reach someone local who can help if there are any issues at the house.
“This program is another way the Dixon Police Department is trying to provide the kind of police services we feel are value-added for our residents,” Chief Robert Thompson said, “Protecting the homes of vacationing residents provides an extra layer of service we think is important to Dixon.”
Also added is a new bicycle registration portal, which allows residents to register their bicycles with police, including adding a photograph. Each year Dixon Police recover numerous bicycles in the city, with no real way to determine the owner and return them.
“We end up donating found bikes to local charities”, Thompson said, “We’d rather get them back to their owners.”
Residents will receive a registration number upon completion, and officers can access the information from their cars, potentially reuniting owners with bikes right on the street.
Both services are offered free of charge and can be accessed from the police department’s website. Residents without access to a computer can call or come to the police station and staff will enter the information for them. Dixon Police can be reached at (707) 678-7070 or at www.dixonpolice.org.

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