Dixon Taxpayers Group Files Notice of Intent for Initiative to Roll Back Sewer Fees

City Coucil Meeting

(Above: Three meetings in a row, the city council chambers were packed with citizens there demanding the sewer rate issue be placed on the ballot for a vote of the people. The council refused – and proceeded to impose a $30 million flawed sewer plant project that will do nothing to clean up the city’s waste water.)

The Dixon Chapter of the Solano County Taxpayers’ Association filed a formal Notice of Intent to Circulate an Initiative to roll back the recent Sewer Rate increases. Those rates will eventually double to over $45 per month for the typical residence.

This is the third effort to prevent those higher rates from being imposed. The revenue the new rates would produce is pledged to pay off a $28 million loan just approved by the State Revolving Fund. The loan is to pay for construction of a new Activated Sludge waste water treatment plant.

In the notice of intent the Taxpayers stated the purpose of the initiative is to reduce sewer rates back to the rates in effect before the City Council adopted Resolution No 14-061.

The notice pointed out about 1400 voters of the City of Dixon signed referendum petitions to repeal Resolution No 14-061, and yet the city council has insisted on implementing this rate increase and refused to place the issue on the ballot.

The new Initiatives proponents believe the City can save the ratepayers money by considering newer technologies that are less expensive for the ratepayers and will address the State’s demands.

“In this economy, ratepayers cannot afford these new rate increases with the potential of more to follow. Many seniors, renters, and low income families will not be able to afford the huge rate increases adopted by the city council. For seniors on fixed incomes, Social Security has not kept pace with the City’s rate increases,” the notice stated.

The City Attorney now must write a title and summary of the initiative. The group may then begin gathering signatures. Just over 1,500 valid signatures from registered Dixon voters are required to call a special election on the tax hike repeal. The proponents will have 180 days to collect those signatures.

The taxpayers’ group gathered over 1,400 valid signatures for the referenda in just 28 days.

To volunteer to help the initiative, call Gary at 678-9468 or Mike at 678-8575.

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