Dixon Youth Assaulted – Head Injuries Send Him to the Hospital; Other Assaults Claimed

On Saturday, September 30, 2017 around midnight officers of the Dixon Police Department were called to the 400 block of McKenzie Drive for a report of an assault.
Officers arrived to find a juvenile victim who had facial injuries and suspects who had left the scene. Medical aid was summoned for the victim and officers began investigating the incident.
Preliminary investigation indicated there was a physical altercation between the victim and another juvenile at a party inside a residence. While the victim and suspect fought, at least one additional suspect, and possibly more, entered the fray and assaulted the victim.
One juvenile suspect was quickly identified and located. After being interviewed, the juvenile suspect was arrested by Dixon Police and remanded to the custody of juvenile authorities. (See the Police Log on Page 3 in this issue.)
Investigation into the identities, roles and actions of additional persons of interest continues. Anyone with information regarding this incident, including witnesses, are asked to contact Detective Sergeant Mike Tegeler at 678-7070.
Unfortunately, the incidents is not an isolated one. According to multiple sources, the brother of the injured teen was also assaulted at Dixon High School this week. Dixon Police Chief Robert Thompson cautioned a connection cannot be asserted by the department and will depend on final results of the investigation. However, other credible sources state the attackers made comments indicating that attack was a follow-on to the earlier one.
Wednesday a fight between two girls at Dixon High was at first thought also to be related, but the participants said it was a long-standing dispute and not related to the other altercations.
At a school board meeting last November, one mother stated she wanted to pull her student out of the school because he was being bullied and threatened with a physical attack via text messages. The threats caused her to pick up her student and others to protect them from violence. The aunt of another student made similar comments at the same school board meeting.
All these incidents put a spotlight on the need for a Resource Officer (police officer) at the high school. The school district and the city have been working on an agreement toward that goal – but it is still under negotiation. The school district likely would pay 75% of the cost, with the city contributing 25%. Chief Thompson noted the norm is for school districts to pay the full cost.
The school district and the police department urge anyone who is assaulted or threatened to report the incident to the police. The situations cannot be resolved or prevented unless authorities know about them. Reports can be made anonymously.

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