Hints of Future Issues Made at Dixon Council Meeting

Strong hints of issues about to face Dixon were made at Tuesday’s City Council meeting – some very good, one tough to do, and one very bad proposal.
The bad one was by City Public Works Director Joe Leach who is touting the “need” for a local sales tax – purportedly for roads and other infrastructure. A hint back to Leach and all other city officials – while you are wasting huge sums on padded legal fees and rigging city bids, don’t expect any support for higher taxes.
The Independent Voice will strongly oppose a tax hike. Any council member who supports it can expect the same fate as befell former Mayor Jack Batchelor.
One the positive side were three issues Mayor Thom Bogue instructed to be placed on the agenda of future council meetings:
Adopting a term limit for Mayors – a maximum of two terms.
Getting Dixon properties out of the Solano Irrigation District (SID) property taxes. Most property owners in about half of Dixon are still paying, along with their mortgages, a tax to pay for SID infrastructure which only benefits farmers and from which Dixon property owners receive no benefits.
Bogue’s third proposal is to find a way to get out of the Bay Area and maybe even Solano County. The concept is those urban areas have little in common with Dixon, and should not be dictating how we run our own community.
The Independent Voice will strongly support all three of Bogue’s proposals.

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