Mayor Admits He Shot His Hunting Dog to Get it to Obey

Uses Incident to Support Leash Law

City-of-DixonOne controversial issue at the City Council meeting Tuesday, March 24, was an ordinance to require all dogs on any city property to be on a leash – including parks, streets and sidewalks.

During the debate Councilman Ted Hickman pushed to include a provision allowing dogs who are “at heel” – under control by their owners – to be off leash. Initially Councilman Steve Bird sided with Hickman, although he relented and voted in lock-step with Mayor Jack Batchelor and his coterie to adopt the ordinance.

In opposing Hickman’s suggestion, Batchelor stated even well-trained dogs can become uncontrolled. As an example he used his experiences with his own hunting dog. The Mayor described how, when his dog did not respond to his command, and he shot the dog in his rump with #Seven bird shot. The dog was not killed, but Batchelor said that was the way to get dogs to obey – implying he had used that technique before.

(Published in Dixon’s Independent Voice March 27, 2015)

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