Petition Filed to Roll Back Sewer Fees

Sewer PlantI just delivered 94 sheets of petitions with 1788 signatures to city hall. Of those 1480 were good valid signatures. On May 2014, the Registrar of Voters reported to the Secretary of State that Dixon had 8773 registered voters 15% of those would be 1316. So we got 165 more signatures than needed.

I took Shirley with me as witness. Suellen challenged the number of signatures reported to the SOS (8773).

I told her the County of Registrar of Voters provided me with this number. She also asked me if I had verified the signatures and if I had made copies of the petitions. I don’t know what she was thinking. I told her I verified every one of those signatures and I did make copies of ALL petitions.

Dave, if you do a story you can say we collected 1788 signatures. You can also say that we verified each and every one of those signatures and we found that 18% are good valid signatures. Don’t tell them the exact number.

I thank every one of you who collected signatures. Twenty seven (27) people that are not members of the Dixon Chapter collected 512 signatures. Of those, 412 were good valid signatures. If my math is good 28% of the good signatures collected were from non Dixon Chapter members. Thank you for your support. You can breath easy again.

No more pestering from Ourania.

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