So Far 5 Running for City Council & 5 Seek School Board Seats

Today, Friday, August 10 is the deadline for candidates to file nomination papers for both the Dixon City Council and the Dixon Unified School District Board of Trustees.
As of our deadline, two people are seeking the First District Council seat: incumbent Scott Pederson and challenger (and former councilman) Mike Ceremello.
For the Second District, incumbent Ted Hickman has filed, as has challenger Jim Ernest. Donna Armstrong has also taken out papers – and expects to file by the time this paper is published.
For school board five people have taken out papers for the three seats available. So far incumbent Guy Garcia has not – and if he does not do so, the filing deadline is extended to Wednesday August 15.
Incumbents John Gabby and Caitlin O’Halloran have taken out papers. The three challengers are: Norma Muñoz, Lloyd McCabe and Jewel Fink.
School board candidates do not have to collect any voter signatures on their papers, so those filing simply need to sign the various forms.
Assuming at least two of the challengers do so, this will be the first school board election in at least four years to be on the ballot.
According to DUSD school superintendent Brian Dolan, no-one on the current board has ever received even one vote for the position. All were either appointed or were automatically elected because not enough candidates ran to create a contest.
(It is nice to know there are people who care and are willing to serve our community and students.)
UPDATE: Donna Armstrong chose not to file for City Council in the First District. James Ward became the third candidate in the First District.

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