Thom Bogue, Dixon Councilman, Runs for Supervisor

Thom Bogue

Dixon City Councilman Thom Bogue has announced his candidacy for County Supervisor for District 4 – which includes Dixon. Bogue was elected to the council in 2010.

“I have told people who criticize others, if you know you can do a better job, then step up to the plate! I am here to tell you, I am stepping up to the plate,” Bogue said in his announcement, “I will be to set my goals high, be open minded and respectful of those I represent (you), and to provide the best service I can including Police, Fire and other essential services. I will also continue to promote smart growth, taking into account the balance between Agriculture and Urban Development, and protect our natural resources including the Delta and our open space. After all, these are the reasons why we all pay taxes.

“We don’t pay taxes so our County can have a bunch of people who have never experienced any real hardships in life – such as deciding between putting food on the table or paying rent, asking if I can afford my medications this month or do I pay my water bill so I can bathe. We want representatives who have suffered hardships and can relate to us – you and me. I have Five Generations of family history in Solano County, many of whom have done everything from picking fruit as Laborers to being Utility Operators, Finance Managers and, in my case, a business owner, Corporate Court Room Representative of a financial institution and Council Member.”

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