Dixon High School Committee to Hear Naming Proposals for Theater

On February 2, 2015 a committee will hear name proposals for the Dixon High School Theater. The DHS Theater Naming Committee is comprised of one school administrator, one student, one teacher, one parent/community member, and one employee from the City of Dixon. The Committee is facilitated by Principal Nick Girimonte. The Committee will make a recommendation to the DUSD Governing Board, which will make a final decision regarding a theater name.

Any person or group interested in proposing a name must contact Principal Nick Girimonte by 4:00 January 27 to reserve a presentation spot on the February 2 meeting. He can be reached at ngirimonte@dixonusd.org, or by phone at (707) 693-6330, ext. 7113.

Naming of facilities is governed by DUSD Board Policy 7310, which stipulates the following criteria shall guide the committee’s consideration of names:

  1. Places and Features (geographic location, nearby street, schools, natural features).
  2. Historic Sites.
  3. Descriptive Name.
  4. People who have provided notable service to the school district and have retired or left the services of the district or who have played or will play a major part in creating/ funding the facility or leading school district programs.
  5. No school district-owned facility should be named after a currently seated or currently appointed official.
  6. Contribution/donation of land or resources shall not constitute an obligation, but may be a consideration, by the district to name the land or facility, or any portion thereof, after an individual, family or organization.
  7. Names associated with tobacco or alcohol or other drugs will not be considered.
  8. A match between the program or use of the facility and the proposed name should be considered.

The naming committee has met and focused these criteria to help proposers more effectively prepare their presentations. The committee will pay particular attention to the following:

(1) The proposed name’s relevance to art, theater, music, and/or other performing arts which may use the theater, especially as the name pertains to these areas in Dixon Unified School District and/or the City of Dixon. Effective presentations for this criterion will demonstrate a link between the name and the furthering of the performing arts in schools and the in the community.

(2) The proposed name’s overall relevance to the community and/or school district. Effective presentations for this criterion will demonstrate the proposed name’s ability to engage the community at large.

(3) The proposed name’s historic relevance. Effective presentations for this criterion will demonstrate the name’s historic connection to the school district, community, and the performing arts.

(4) The proposing group’s ideas for funding the display of the new name. Effective presentations in this area will discuss ideas for displaying the name and/or plans to help fund the new display.

Presentations will be limited to 15 minutes. Each presenting group will be given a time slot to present. All presentations will be open to the public. A screen, overhead projector, and computer will be available for groups wishing to use them for their presentation. Presentations will begin promptly at 5:00 on February 2, and will be held in the Dixon High School Theater.

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