Dixon Senior Resource Fair Only Weeks Away

A Very Special Senior Citizen Will Be Recognized

Virginia Fletcher and fellow Senior Advocates serving refreshments at a previous Senior Fair.

The annual Dixon Senior Resource Fair, sponsored by the Advocates for Dixon Seniors, is sure to be a full-house with dozens of vendors and organizations on board to provide free information, health checks, hearing checks and freebies to attendees.
Local elected officials and/or their representatives will also attend the resource fair and appreciate the opportunity to hear questions and concerns from constituents. They too enjoy the networking and socialization that goes on at the Annual Senior Resource Fair.
The free event is scheduled on Saturday, October 13 from 10 am to 1 pm at the Dixon Senior Multi-Use Center, 201 South Fifth Street in Dixon. The event is entirely free – so leave your purse or wallet at home.
At noon there will be a recognition ceremony for an Outstanding Dixon Senior Citizen, Virginia Fletcher. The following excerpts come from several people who put together Virginia’s nomination:
Virginia is a long time Dixon resident. She is known for saying: “Hi, now what do you want me to do to help”, and then she is off and running to do whatever she can to make someone’s load a little lighter.
She has been an active member of the Advocates for Dixon Seniors for many years and is especially helpful at the Dixon Senior Resource Fair. She helps setting up, serves food, works with the vendors and helps to encourage as many seniors as possible to attend.
When Dixon Family Services opened the DFS Thrift Store, Virginia became a reliable volunteer. Thursday was her day of choice to be there and she never failed to be there and to help with merchandise and serve the community members who came in to find what they needed.
Virginia is also an active member of St. Peter’s Church. She has served in officer positions at the Parish Level and District Level. YLI is an organization of Catholic women that works for both social and charitable purposes, most notably, its mission to help women.
Virginia is a devoted mother and grandmother. She sets an example to her family shows the importance of service to others. She enjoys being a member of the Vaca-Valley Garden Club and learning something new all the time.
Seniors who have been recognized during the past Senior Resource Fairs include: Lena Yolo, Helen Justice, Julian Middlan, Larry Simmons, Ben Romero, Maria Sanchez, Jan Bird, Virginia Szilagyi, Bessie Miller, Ethel Calvelo, Martha Emigh, Katherine “Tillie” Kitchen, Enrique Rodriguez, Harold Axelson, Lorraine Tanguay, Nancy Wells, Duaine Worden, Vera Reed, Ed Lindley, Marime Burton, Shirley Parsons, Joan Axelson, Joann Giannoni, Sandra Newell, Sue O’Connor, Cookie Powell, Marjorie Litsinger and Mary Lou Batchelor.
Each year at the Senior Fair delicious refreshments are provided by each of the fair’s vendors, to be enjoyed by everyone. Vendors, local businesses and Advocates provide raffle prizes for the free drawings. The City of Dixon provides the use of the multi-use center and many local businesses and individuals provide needed materials and volunteer hours to support this enjoyable event.
The Advocates for Dixon Seniors encourage everyone to think about a senior relative, friend, or neighbor who could benefit from the day of information, fun, food, and entertainment and invite them to join you at the Senior Multi-Use Center on Saturday, October 13. The Senior Resource Fair is an excellent opportunity for seniors, caregivers and others to learn about local resources and to socialize.

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