FFA Floral Club & Dixon’s Women’s Improvement Club Learning Exchange

Students from the Dixon High School FFA Program, Floral Club provided “hands-on” instruction in the design and assembly of floral centerpieces that members of the Dixon Women’s Improvement Club (DWIC) will use to decorate their Thanksgiving Day tables or share with someone special for the holiday.
Dixon High School Agricultural Science Teacher and FFA Advisor, Ms. Natalie Oelsner, offers a course in floral arranging that not only provides instruction in floriculture but offers students the opportunity to learn a skill that can lead to employment or even starting one’s own business.
The students learn about the flower industry, including purchasing the materials for the arrangements, caring for flowers, accounting, ordering, design and teaching skills to instruct others the steps necessary to making attractive and balanced floral arrangements. Professionals in the industry can start their career as soon as they finish high school. Floral designers, production managers and sales representatives all work for garden centers, and nurseries in the design, production, and sales of flowers.
One student told the group she has started her own business making flower arrangements for weddings. Others said they plan to apply for jobs in the floral industry during their college years to help defray cost.
Ms Oelsner and the students brought cornucopias and all the materials needed for 35 members of the DWIC to create their own individual Thanksgiving centerpieces. The arrangements included leather leaf ferns, mums, sunflowers, roses, lotus pods, air fern, wheat, and autumn leaves which spilled forth for an elegant fall colors presentation. Based on feedback received from both the DWIC members and FFA students, the learning exchange was a tremendous success! Future possibilities are being explored.
The FFA students offer a subscription service through their FFA Floral Store. A single arrangement is $20 or you can purchase 3 arrangements for the Spring Semester that will be delivered to you in February, March, and April for $55.
The arrangements make a wonderful holiday or birthday gift and receiving a subscription will make someone feel special each time an arrangement is delivered! Arrangements for special occasions are also available.
For more information, visit:
www.dixonffa.org and Select Floral-Club.

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