Students Vandalize Dixon High – up to $70,000 Damage

Vandalism damage estimated at between $60,000 and $70,000 was caused last week across much of the Dixon High School campus. The damage was discovered as staff reported for duty on Thursday, May 28.
Graffiti was spray-painted on about one-third of the buildings on campus and on many concrete planter boxes and sidewalks. The roofs of three buildings were accessed for some of the graffiti to be done. Several trees were cut down or otherwise toppled. At least ten classroom doors had super glue inserted into the lock mechanism. Outdoor tables were gathered and stacked in the Quad area of the campus.
District operations staff has spent the time since this vandalism was discovered repairing the damage by replacing or cleaning locks, painting over graffiti where it was possible to do so, and returning tables and other materials to their proper places.
Outside contractors will have to be hired to complete sandblasting of spray paint on brick and concrete surfaces. Besides the immediate cover-up paint applied so far, more painting will be required after the school year ends.
Through interviews of students, review of information on social media sites, and reviewing surveillance footage from the school’s security camera system, nearly thirty students have been identified as having been on campus in the late hours of Wednesday night or early morning hours on Thursday.
Students jumped over locked gates or fences to gain access and most attempted to conceal their identities by covering their faces with masks or bandanas.
In response to that conduct, each of the students confirmed to be on campus and participating in any element of this situation has been suspended for two days and will be asked to perform two afternoons of cleanup service on campus prior to the graduation ceremony.
Students who choose not to participate in the service time on campus will not be eligible to participate in the ceremony. Students will also be responsible for restitution for the actual expenses of the District in repairing the campus to its proper condition.
Principal Nick Girimonte, with the full support of Superintendent Brian Dolan, did decide to cancel an end-of-year dance scheduled for Friday evening and has directed staff to cancel any parties that had been scheduled to occur during the remaining instructional time. These actions were explained in full to the student body in an announcement by Mr. Girimonte on campus on Thursday.
Dixon High School has had previous instances of vandalism occurring at the end of the school year. Property damage running into the tens of thousands of dollars cannot be considered a prank as some have labeled this incident.
As the stewards of a $70 million dollar facility paid for and maintained by tax payer dollars, the Administration of the school and District are unwilling to accept the conduct of our students, have imposed appropriate consequences, and ask for the support of the entire community in insisting that this kind of destructive behavior come to a permanent end.

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