4Hers Honored with End of Year Awards

Makenna Caulfield of the Roving Clovers 4-H Club, was one of the big winners at the Solano County 4-H Program’s end-of-the-year celebration.

Lyle Glass of the Vaca Valley 4-H Club was honored as a 2014-15 California 4-H Ambassador, the highest 4-H honor at the state level. Selection is based on demonstrated ability in citizenship, leadership, and total achievement in the 4-H program.

Lynne Burns’ Memorial Scholarships were awarded to: Nicole Talken, Roving Clovers, Dixon.  The late Lynne Burns of Rio Vista was a long time 4-H Club program representative for Solano County in the mid-1980s and early 1990s. She developed cancer and after a long, hard fight, succumbed to the disease. This is the 11th year this scholarship has been offered to high school seniors.

All 12 clubs in Solano County completed a 4-H plan outlining their activities and goals for the year including Dixon Ridge 4-H Club; Tremont 4-H Club; Wolfskill 4-H Club; Maine Prairie 4-H Club, and Roving Clovers 4-H Club, all of Dixon; Pleasants Valley 4-H Club.

Receiving a gold charter seal for achieving their goals were Dixon Ridge, Tremont, and Wolfskill.

Dozens of youths received star ranks, including platinum, gold, silver and bronze. The highest rank, platinum, went to:  Roving Clovers: Makenna Caulfield, Anna Moore and Tyler Sasabuchi

Achieving the gold star rank were: Roving Clovers: Makenna Caulfield, Audrey Hennigan and Olivia Simpson

Bronze star awards went to: Dixon Ridge: Gabriella Corona and Krystina Corona; Roving Clovers: Braydon Caulfield
Honored for completing leadership activities were: Third-year teen leaders: Roving Clovers: Tyler Sasabuchi ; Second-year teen leaders: Roving Clovers: Audrey Hennigan; Wolfskill: Siera Giron and Sierra Solbrack

First-year teen leaders: Roving Clovers: Nika Gardner and Anna Moore; Tremont: Megan Mraz; Wolfskill: Riley Currey

Second-year junior leaders: Maine Prairie: Jared Tanaka; Wolfskill: Tyler Scott and Daniela Setka; First-year junior leaders: Roving Clovers: Makenna Caulfield, Lily Fletcher and Lilya Gardner

Presentation proficiency awards for giving presentations to five different audiences in addition to the county presentation day winners are: Dixon Ridge: Gabriella Corona, Krystina Corona; Roving Clovers: Braydon Caulfield, Makenna Caulfield; Wolfskill: Haley Scott, Tyler Scott and Aimee Stevens

Another highlight of the Achievement Night was the presentation of county winners and medalists for their outstanding record books and achievements. The projects ranged from alpacas to woodworking.

Cavies (guinea pigs): intermediate level, first medalist, Makenna Caulfield, Roving Clovers

Photography: County third medalist, junior level, Braydon Caulfield, Roving Clovers; county winner.

Poultry: county winner, senior level, Tyler Sasabuchi, Roving Clovers

Youths and adults were honored for participating in THRIVE, focused on the core content of citizenship, healthy living, and science, engineering, and technology.

First-year THRIVE participants: Dixon Ridge: Krystina Corona; Tremont: Karen Mraz, Isabelle Speer

Second-year THRIVE participants: Dixon Ridge: Maudi Gloria, Sandy Means and Elizabeth Razo; Tremont: Megan Mraz and Helen Ritchey

More information about the 4-H program is available from Valerie Williams, Solano County 4-H program representative, Solano County Cooperative Extension, at  vawilliams@ucanr.edu  or by accessing the web site at  http://cesolano.ucdavis.edu.

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