Catalytic Converter Etching Event in Dixon

Dixon PoliceDixon Police Department is teaming up with the Dixon Police Officers Association, Ron DuPratt Ford, and Dixon Ace Hardware to hold a catalytic converter etching event called Operation Branding Iron.  This event will be held on Saturday, March 21st from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm, at DuPratt Ford’s property at 1320 North First Street.

This event is open to Dixon residents only, and pre-registration at is highly encouraged.   Walk-ins are welcome, but registered guests will likely get through the process a little quicker.  Information on this event can be found at  or by stopping in at the Dixon Police Department at 201 West A Street.   The website also contains more information about catalytic converter theft and defensive measures citizens can take to fight back.

Dixon Police officers have responded to numerous reports of stolen catalytic converters during the month of February.  The victims’ vehicles were targeted as thieves cut the catalytic converters from underneath, which can cost a victim hundreds or thousands of dollars.   Unfortunately, there are no identifying numbers on this part of the car that is attached to the exhaust system.  This makes it too easy for thieves to sell stolen property and virtually impossible for police to track.

Catalytic converter theft is a growing national problem and, unfortunately, Dixon is not immune.  Thieves are after certain metals that can be scrapped for quick profit, with no regard for the cost to victims in lost time and money.  While no one solution can prevent theft, making something less attractive to a criminal can help deter this crime.

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