County Supervisors Hear Report Detailing Decline in Number of Homeless Veterans

The Solano County Board of Supervisors heard a report this week about progress in reducing the number of homeless veterans in the county.
The report was from the regional office of the US Department of Housing and Urban Development detailing latest point-in-time estimates of homeless veterans. The report is based on regular counts that take place in communities across the country at the end of January, including in communities across Solano County. The counts are conducted by the Vallejo/Solano County Continuum of Care, which is led by the Community Action Partnership of Solano.
The report revealed a 20.5 percent reduction in the number of homeless veterans counted in Solano County and a 62.7 percent decline in the number of sheltered homeless veterans counted.
In 2017, 156 homeless veterans were counted in Solano County. In 2018, there were 32 fewer homeless veterans counted in Solano County. This compares to the only 5.2 percent decrease in veteran homelessness across California and the 5.6 percent decline, nationally.
But while Solano County is outpacing the rest of the State and the country in ending veteran homelessness, a 20 percent decrease also means there are still 80 percent left.
Last year, HUD awarded Solano County agencies a total of nearly $1.3 million in targeted homelessness assistance. HUD has also awarded a significant number of HUD-VASH vouchers since 2015 for the benefit of veterans enduring homelessness in Solano County.
 Since 2015, HUD has awarded 51 HUD-VASH vouchers to Solano County-based public housing agencies. Of these, 40 HUD-VASH vouchers were awarded earlier this year.  This is in addition to the $1.3 million in targeted homelessness assistance.
“These veterans answered our country’s call to service,” said HUD Regional Administrator James Stracner who made the presentation to the Supervisors, “Now it is our turn to answer their call. I am here today not just to congratulate you, but to reaffirm HUD’s commitment to the remaining 124 homeless veterans in your communities.”

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