Gas Line Rupture Closes block of East A Street for over 12 hours

GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERAWest A Street in Dixon was closed from Second Street through Third Street for at least twelve hours on Monday, March 09, 2015.

The rupture occurred when a contractor hired by the City of Dixon to repair sidewalks throughout the “Old Town” area of Dixon was digging out the old sidewalk on the south side of the street – close to St. Peter Catholic Church.

According to the contractor and PG&E workers on the rupture site, the location of the gas line was marked and flagged. But apparently the actual pipe was closer to the surface than expected.

The contractor’s back-hoe knicked the pipe, causing the rupture.

The Dixon Fire Department responded quickly to the 911 call by the contractor, followed by PG&E repair and investigation teams.

Natural gas continued to leak from the pipe for hours – but at a slow enough rate to prevent a catastrophe. Homes beside the leak were not ordered to evacuate, although some residents chose to anyway. There were faint smells from the gas.

The damaged gas line was discovered to be old iron pipe – preventing a simple crimping to shut down the leak. Instead, about 300 feet of the old pipe had to be removed and replaced.

The repair task had not been completed as of 12 midnight Monday night.

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