heritage Pantry Local-Source Grover Opens

April 6, 2018
There’s a new kind of grocery store in town, offering all local fare with a unique farmer’s market feel. Two women plan to use old fashioned homesteading skills to bring local farm goods to consumers and education in their store – The Heritage Pantry – located at 350 West A Street in the heart of downtown Dixon.
It is now open, and will have a Grand Opening on April 21 from 11 am to 2 pm, with farmer meet and greets and store specials.
Lindsey Hickman and Alyssa Connelly have always been passionate about feeding their families whole real food from local sustainable sources.
“The most commonly consumed produce in the U.S. is bleak, with potatoes, imported hot- house grown tomatoes, onions, iceberg lettuce, sweet corn, and carrots taking the top spots,” explains Hickman, “We want to help change that by taking the guesswork out of how to get good food.”
The Pantry will carry what Hickman and Connelly call, “the perimeter of the grocery store.” That includes, only locally grown produce, raw cow and goat dairy, cultured grass-fed butter, grass-fed beef and lamb, pastured pork, chicken and eggs from animals fed organic – no corn and no soy feed; locally made sourdough and bagels, raw nuts, heirloom grains and freshly made pantry goods, jams, herbal salts, truly local honey, olive oil and vinegars, plant based makeups, essential oils, soaps, fibers, and more.
“We hope to create and engage a culture that supports seasonal eating by educating the community on the importance of a wider variety of foods picked at their peak for the most nutritional value,” says Hickman. “We will host several classes monthly on homesteading skills such as sourdough and butter making, cheesemaking, sewing, culturing, fermentation, preserving what’s in season, and more.”
One thing that sets The Pantry apart from most other grocery store shopping is its boutique feel and trendy branding.
“Grocery shopping is not a very glamorous chore, but we think pretty helps with that,” says Connelly, “Just because the store looks like a boutique, does not mean your grocery bill will come with a high end price tag. Since we don’t have to rely on heavy shipments, high overhead and waste, we believe you will be pleasantly surprised and maybe even lower your grocery budget. We won’t temp you with the extra junk foods.”
Store hours will start out Monday through Saturday, Noon until 6 pm, with the possibility of expanding with demand. You can find The Heritage Pantry at 350 West A Street in Dixon, on Facebook, Instagram, and at TheHeritagePantry.com

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