Huge Freeway Side Painting by Life-Long Dixon Artist Honors Local Farmers & Agriculture

New huge new mural created by a Dixon artist is creating quite a stir. Located beside east bound Interstate 80 between Midway Road and Dixon Avenue, the painting was produced by native Dixonite Colleen Gnos – daughter of Herman and Lucy Gnos who own and have farmed the property for decades.
According to Colleen, the 20 foot by 20 foot image is a tribute to all the farmers in the area, and to agriculture in general. The farmer shown is a composite of many local farmers – including her dad – and the dog is based on her favorite childhood dog, Apollo, a Golden Labrador. Apollo was a stray who wandered onto the ranch and stayed as the family adopted it as their pet.
The mural is made with 6 panels, each weighing 60 pounds, which Colleen painted in her home studio. It took over four months to paint – the exact number of hours and materials she is still compiling. It is mounted on concrete piers with support by heavy pressure treated beams.
Colleen first produced 4 renderings of the project and polled the people on her email list for their favorite choice.
“I consider it (the painting) is owned by the public, not me,” Colleen said.

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