Street Slowed by Slippery Sod Suddenly Shifting

Sod in the middle of North First StreetThe left hand, north bound lane of North First Street in Dixon was closed shortly before 5 pm Thursday, Feb 6, after several pallets of sod slip of the trailer of a semi.

The driver had just fueled up at the Shell station, pulled out of the driveway, and made a sharp right hand turn onto First Street.

Because of the rain, the sod was soaked and slippery according to Ken Robinson, Safety Coordinator for Park Avenue Turf in Dixon.

Two Cal Fire crews in pick-ups happened to be driving in the same lane, and stopped to provide safety warnings with their emergency lights.

According to Robinson, an employee of Les Schwab Tires quickly came to the aid of the driver to move the sod. Robinson and other staff from Park Avenue Turf arrived with a fork lift and cleared the street before 5:45 pm.

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