Ty Nelson – Trapping Cats

Dear Neighbors,

This letter is in regards to the unlawful trapping of my cat Taylor who was trapped and taken across county lines on October 23rd. In case you are unaware of the laws of the state and the city of Dixon, I will inform you of the laws that have been broken.

After you have read this letter, I hope there will be no confusion between ​ us​ as to what happened to my cat was not only a violation of the laws of the city of Dixon but also a Violation of the rules of being a decent human being.

According to the Dixon Municipal Code ( Chp. 7.02.020 ) “ It shall be unlawful for the owner or person having control of any domestic animal, fowl or exotic animal to suffer or permit same, under any circumstances, to run at large within the city .“

According to the General Provisions section of the Dixon Municipal Code (Chp 7.01.050 ), Animal is defined as“members of the kingdom Animalia, exclusive of Homo Sapiens and also exclusive of cats…”.

In case you are not sure what the above means I will put it in simpler terms: According to the laws of the City of Dixon my cat is allowed to roam outside of my house freely on public or private property.

According to the DMV book “You cannot dump or abandon animals on a highway. This crime is punishable by a fine of up to $1,000, six months in jail, or both.”

A highway, according to the dictionary, is defined as a “Main direct road”.

There are many legal ways someone can deal with a cat (my cat or someone else ) in their yard. First, contact me if you have a problem and I will deal with it. Second, call animal control.

It is against the law to trap a cat (Chp.7.02.060). If you call animal control they will come to your home for free and deal with the cat or other animal. They have a Home book at animal control where you are able to find your cat at someone’s home. They say 41 per cent of missing cats are indoor cats.

I know for a fact that this isn’t the first time someone has broke the law and trapped an animal. A neighbor has admitted to me that he has trapped two kittens (kittens are defined as being younger than four months) in his yard and dropped them off at Claybank animal shelter. I have spoken to Claybank and also have printouts showing this. My neighbor has also told me that he trapped a raccoon on his property and dropped it off out in the country (similar to what happened to my cat ). When I told Claybank of this they told me that it is illegal to transport a trapped animal past your property line, you’re supposed to call animal control.

If you have any questions regarding my cats, I will be happy to answer them for you. But let me tell you a little about them. Both of my Cats are fixed so no one should be worried about kittens running around ( I know what my neighbor said he does to kittens ).

Both of my cats have PetLink; they have a chip inside them in case they get lost or a neighbor traps them. This is the ​reason we found our cat Taylor and found out that a someone dropped her off past the Solano County​ ​line. Since I have had both my cats (for 4 years ) I have never gotten a single complaint from any of my neighbors. My cat was taken without any warning or any chance for me to correct a problem if my neighbor had one.

When my Cat was returned to me I could tell that she had gone through a lot of emotional stress. She lost all her grey whiskers on one side of her face. For the first three days that we had her back home she did nothing but sleep. It took her over a week to get back to doing the normal things that cats do.

Ty Nelson, Dixon, CA

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