Gas Tax Replacement Ballot Measure Filed – Creates “Citizen Lockbox” to Fix Roads Without Tax Hikes

Constitutional Amendment Will Provide $7.9 Billion More to Fix Roads & Fund Infrastructure Once Voters Approve Prop 6

Leaders of the Yes on Prop 6 Gas Tax Repeal Campaign revealed a bold plan to fix California’s roads and improve infrastructure – all without a tax hike – and officially filed a statewide Ballot Measure to amend the state Constitution to mandate the following:
• Citizens’ Road Repair Gas Tax Lockbox: To correct the flaw in previous lock-boxes crafted by politicians by mandating 100% of state gas tax funds would go to road projects exclusively – no diversions to General Fund, no diversions to other forms of transportation. (Minimum of $7.5 billion of state funding for roads vs. $5.2 billion currently – increase of more than $2.3 billion annually for roads)
• Dedicate Sales Tax on Cars to Infrastructure: Supporters of transit, bikes, rail, and other inter-modal transportation will also have reason to celebrate because the initiative will dedicate 100% of existing sales taxes on cars to create a dedicated, permanent fund for all forms of transportation. ($7.4 billion of state funding for additional road and infrastructure programs vs. $1.8 billion currently – increase of $5.6 billion for general transportation infrastructure)
• Efficiency Reforms and Audits: Require annual performance and efficiency audits on road repair and infrastructure projects. Instead of audits being selected by politicians or bureaucrats, citizens will be able to nominate the specific projects to be audited.
• Terminate the High Speed Rail Project: Direct the Governor to terminate all activity on the High Speed Rail project and use any unspent funds on other transportation needs.
• Local Control of Funds: Shift authority and decision-making on gas tax and car sales tax funds to city and county governments to spend on projects they deem worthy. For Dixon, this could provide funds to actually construct the long delayed Parkway overpass and repair and replacement of deteriorated street paving.
“By filing this ballot measure before the November election, we begin our third and final phase of fixing California’s roads without raising taxes on struggling working families of our state – and we’re proving how it can be done before voters are asked to vote YES on Prop 6 the Gas Tax Repeal Initiative, said Carl DeMaio, Chairman of the Yes on Prop 6 Gas Tax Repeal Campaign, “We plan to submit our signatures for this Replacement measure by May 15, 2019.”
The Yes on Prop 6 campaign will release the full text of the ballot measure and a comprehensive fiscal assessment comparing current vs. proposed road and infrastructure funding streams under the measure. The filing of this ballot measure is Phase 3 of the citizen-led revolt against the gas and car tax hikes that politicians have enacted. Assuming voters approve Prop 6 – the Gas Tax Repeal, the Yes on 6 campaign will immediately initiate signature collection by December 1.

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