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By Ted Hickman

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Today’s column is simply a rant and rave about the absurd and downright stupid people YOU let control parts of our lives…better wake up folks…

WTF? It may already be too late!

*I Feel Like I Want To Be A Cheerleader Today

At the risk of again being called a racist, sexist, homophobe anti-everything not WASP I have some questions to ask our governor and pansy legislators. Now that you made it possible for kids from KINDERGARTEN thru grade 12 (I guess when you get to college you are SOL because the NCAA etc. won’t allow it) to select which restroom, locker room and sports team they want to play on depending on how they feel…no documentation or verification needed; are you happy now? Some just pass this off as “California wacko Demoncrats at it again,” while some parents are upset. The technical language of the new law gives K-12 students the right “to participate in sex-segregated programs, activities and facilities based on their self perception regardless of their birth gender. Could a guy apply for the woman’s role in a film that would be uploaded to a site like Well he could, but visually it wouldn’t work, and it would be homosexual porn no matter if he said at the start of the film, “I’m a woman, imagine me as one”.

*Where was this law when I was a kid? There were times in high school when I felt depressed and felt I would be better if like, I could be in the cheerleader’s dressing room.

You still wonder why most of the world thinks of California as the place of fruits and nuts? Oh…BTW this is supposed to help reduce bullying and discrimination against transgender students…yeah, right. You can pass whatever silly laws you want but, thank God, they haven’t found a way (yet) to legislate people’s thoughts…Like the man said, call it whatever you want…a shovel is still a shovel.

Late news flash…Just when you think the elected liberal majority in California can’t stoop to a new stupid low they surprise you once again. The assembly has apparently a bill that will strip any Boy Scout group of their tax exempt status if they don’t let a troop leader be gay…and set an example for the young men to follow? Lord help us all…Or can I still say that?

The PROD Has A Toad Tunnel

The People’s Republic of Davis (PROD) has its “toad tunnel” which allows the toads to cross under a road safely. Not to be outdone in the Democratic milieu of crazy ways to spend taxpayers’ dollars Dixon will trump them with its very own, what some are calling, “a**hole underpass” affection ally named after the mayor and his cohorts who approved this daffy thing.

For 50+ years plans have been discussed to build an OVERPASS where pedestrians and vehicles alike could get over the RR tracks and to give emergency vehicles a way to cross the tracks should a train wreck occur and cut off the city. So what does your city council (you elected these nuts) do? They have approved and broke ground on a $6.1 million UNDERPASS built as a “tunnel of dreams”… you know, “if we build it they will come.”

I don’t know what they are smoking but they are still under the misguided impression that a railroad will some day to illogically decide to make a train stop in Dixon. Never mind they have one in Davis. So you build this underpass by the city owned and chamber of commerce operated (free) building so when the imaginary train stops here all the passengers will disembark and run downtown and buy stuff. Maybe it’s the mushrooms in their salads or their heart medications…I just don’t know.

So anyway they are building this underpass that they assure us won’t be flooded in a 100 year storm (that we have every few years). It won’t have graffiti, won’t stink, won’t be a place for crime and muggings and most certainly won’t be big enough to get any emergency vehicle from one side of town to the other.

On the bright side it WILL give the five people (they say 300) who cross the tracks daily a “safe” way or getting from one side of the tracks to the other. Since the 1800’s people have had a safe way of crossing the tracks. If they see or hear a train coming they don’t cross until its safe. The few fatalities we have had probably wouldn’t have gone out of their way to use this “A**hole underpass” anyway.

When the sign is erected each member of this, and recent past councils, can point to it and proudly say, “See I’m one of the A**holes who blew $6.1 million taxpayer’s dollars on this worthless hole in the ground.”

Did it go to the ballot so you could have your say? Nope, just trust them they are doing this for your own good.

From The Email Box… Quit Picking On The P.D./City

Ted: You need to quit picking on our libertarian police department. Do you realize Dixon is one of the few cities in the state where the officers never get out of the cars to bother people? They allow us to run stop signs, smoke dope and drink beer in the parks, talk on our phones, text, speed down congested streets, shoot off illegal fireworks and get wasted and drive… I mean how cool is that? They also drive and talk on their own cell phone and text all of the time to set a good example for the rest of us… and you have the nerve to try and up set this balance by complaining about something as mundane as protecting a child’s brain from injury… You need to get with the program man. B.J.Dixon

Ted: Just read your article about the 20th Century services that are not available at our city. You cannot have bank to bank transfers unless our “hometown” bank offers this service, and our “award winning” Finance Department goes to the trouble to set this service up.

Maybe manually processing payments saves an “underpaid overworked employees” job (or is it overpaid and under worked?). Or, maybe our hometown bank has still not arrived at the 20th Century.

As you recall they could not compete with West America Bank by accepting payments for water and sewer payments (at no cost to the city).

Since I was involved I personally know how the city and some outspoken citizens resisted any change regardless of improved service. The Finance Director, “Ms Bubbly,” lied to me and told me the city software that we had just spent $50K for could not accept transactions from the bank in electronic format. I guess she thought I could not read or that I would just take her word.

I also remember that you ran for City Treasurer after my term and proudly announced that you would bring the banking services back to the local bank. The elected Treasurer, Dingman, made the same promise but awarded banking services to Wells Fargo. Go figure.

Your article reminds me of the comment by the President of the local taxpayer group in Stockton regarding the bankruptcy of that city, “Maybe our elected officials should do some homework and not just take the word of city staff that everything was okay.” (Not a direct quote but close enough for government work).

I remember another esteemed council person who liked to say, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Apparently, he never heard of “constant improvement,” one of the pillars of the quality program. The Japanese implemented this program, which was developed by an American, and within 20 years went from making toys to making Toyota. I believe the city is stuck in the 20th Century as far as technology; unfortunately, the salaries and benefits far exceed the quality of services provided to the citizens of Dixon. Your history lesson for today. Enjoyed your article.
Gary Riddle, former city treasurer.

Trial By Press… Legal B.S.

(I had stayed kind of out of this whole mess but the local guy’s lawyers have drawn me into it. The case has been well covered by all local press and now this yahoo attorney wants to have his say. So, here, out of context (because the guy is so wordy), is some of the smack he is spewing: The bold type is mine the rest is the mouthpiece.)

Steven C. Sabbadini of The Law Offices of Steven C. Sabbadini represents Troy Hensley (of Dixon) in the case now pending against Mr. Hensley in the Yolo County Superior Court. While it is not the standard practice of the Law Offices of Steven C. Sabbadini to comment on newspaper articles relating to pending cases.”

they will anyhow.

“These inaccuracies need to be corrected as they affect Mr. Hensley’s reputation in the community and may hamper his ability to obtain a fair trial.”

In Woodland, in Yolo County? Your press release telling folks (who may not know about it) what he is accused of is going to help his reputation in the community? Dumbass.

“Contrary to statements made in several local newspapers, Mr. Hensley has not been charged with child molestation crimes. It is alleged that Mr. Hensley and the alleged victim in this case began a sexual relationship starting in May 31, 2012 when the alleged victim was approximately four (4) months from turning 18 years of age. That relationship was alleged to have continued past her 18th birthday, and until April 2013, a total of 11 months.”

The fact he was twice her age, is married and has like five kids of his own doesn’t count huh?

“In the Complaint filed in Superior Court, Counts 1 through 24 allege eight (8) separate dates, of sexual contact that occurred prior to the alleged victim’s 18th birthday. None of the 24 counts alleged are considered “child molest” Counts, and should not have been reported in that manner.”

How about under aged teenage molestation? Like someone said on Facebook, where this thing has really been covered because of the Dixon’s Vice Mayor outright support of Hensley… “Call it what you want, a shovel is still a shovel.”

“The press has the duty and obligation to the Defendant and to the community to report this and other cases, accurately so as not to characterize the Defendant unfairly, to ensure that the potential jury pool is not tainted, and that the Defendant receives a fair trial.”

The trial is on Woodland in Yolo County, not many jurors from here, over there, or did the media get that wrong too? Dumbass.

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