Dixon High Students Really Do Walk on Water

2422 Walk on Water Winners IMG_2592
Dixon High students proved again they really do walk on water.
The annual Walk on Water competition was held this past Wednesday at the city’s swimming pool The competition is organized each year by Dixon High teacher Kim McGreevey.
Twenty-eight teams participated, and 15 successfully made it all the way across the pool – length wise – and 8 teams did so in less than 2 minutes.
Of those 8 groups, 4 were pedal type mechanisms, 3 were shoes, and one was a “log-roller” type mechanism.
Each of the 15 successful teams earned performance points. The 8 teams which made it in 2 minutes or less are eligible for the Sink or Swim Clause to go into effect, which states that if they earn 85% or better on their group portfolio, the final becomes optional. (In practice, most will still take it because I offer them extra credit for earned points.)
The “Natural Selection” team comprised of Gabby Choe, Nikki Torres, Vanessa Bell, Maddy Larson, and Sophia O’Neal (shown above) was the fastest, making the trek in only 37 seconds using a pedal design.
The other seven teams with times of 2 minutes or less are (in alphabetical order):
Barred Boyz (BB) – Tony Martinez, Alex Duran
Nagasakis with “Sandstorm” – Cameron Bibby, Josh Padilla, Javier Castro, Bryce Nakamura, Brett Bello
Pink Flamingos – Shontel Forcier, Cheyenne Shipley, Jessica Anderson, Tony Rivera, Jordan Sweitzer
Sober Squad – Mac Dudman, David Martinez, JuanCarlos Munguia
Team Really Cute – Claire Mitchell, Kyle Katzenmeyer, Jacob Smith, Jaret Wedow, Josh Thompson
Teen Titans with “T-boat” – Brookyln Tamariz, Diana Salazar, Serena Baker, Isabel Sandoval, Robert Maciel
White Girls Plus – Aaron-Rebecca Ward, Kelsey Dana, Katie Mac, Aaron Cruz, Seryna Galvan

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